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Camping Accommodation in Bundaberg - Hire an RV on Camplify

Mar 19, 2018 By Kay Knight

If you’re heading along to the Bundaberg Show this year and haven’t yet got your accommodation sorted, we’ve got you covered. Hire yourself your perfect RV with Camplify and pitch up at one of the many campgrounds in close proximity to the show [...]

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Trip In A Van's Top 10 Caravan Camping Spots in Victoria

Mar 15, 2018 By Dave Eddy

Trip In A Van has seen a lot of Australia! The family of 5 has just come back from a 2 laps over 2 years! Here's their top spots to park up with your caravan in Victoria, Australia!Written by Justin & Bec Lorrimer, Trip In A VanDo you own a [...]

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Kids Camping Games The Entire Family Can Play This Holidays

Mar 13, 2018 By Dave Eddy

Camping is a great family activity, particularly for children. They are outdoors in interesting surroundings with loads of places to explore and play. There is always a time, however, when you will hear “I’m bored” so you should have some campi [...]

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Top 10 Places To Visit Within 3 Hours of Melbourne Australia

Mar 13, 2018 By Sarah Hales

Summer is an ideal time to get out of the city. If you are looking for a shorter drive, there are plenty of destinations within 3 hours of the Melbourne CBD. We have chosen 10 tops spots that are close enough for a weekend trip. There is someth [...]

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6 Families Travelling Australia Living the New Australian Dream

Mar 12, 2018 By Dave Eddy

The Australian dream is changing! Where once the idea of owning a house and having kids was what most people worked towards is no longer. Houses prices have skyrocketed and Mum, Dads and families don’t want to wait until they are retired to tra [...]

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