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Kids Camping Games The Entire Family Can Play This Holidays

Mar 13, 2018 By Dave Eddy

Camping is a great family activity, particularly for children. They are outdoors in interesting surroundings with loads of places to explore and play. There is always a time, however, when you will hear “I’m bored” so you should have some campi [...]

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6 Families Travelling Australia Living the New Australian Dream

Mar 12, 2018 By Dave Eddy

The Australian dream is changing! Where once the idea of owning a house and having kids was what most people worked towards is no longer. Houses prices have skyrocketed and Mum, Dads and families don’t want to wait until they are retired to tra [...]

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RV Hiring Guide: A Comparison of RV Types in Australia

Mar 09, 2018 By Kay Knight

Do you own an RV? Interested in learning how Camplify can help you turn your caravan, camper or motorhome into $5000 - $35,000 per year? Learn more about how Camplify works for owners hereWhat RV Should I Hire?Here at Camplify, one of our most [...]

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Motorhome Mama - Single Mum's Lap of Australia with 2 Young Kids!

Mar 07, 2018 By Dave Eddy

5 years ago I dreamt of travelling Australia. I wanted to teach our kids what’s really important in life and to have an entire year of family time, to growcloser together as I felt us drifting apart more and more. The initial idea was to leavin [...]

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Top 11 Things to Do and See in Melbourne City

Mar 02, 2018 By Dave Eddy

Melbourne is an amazing city with a wide variety of things to see and do. Make sure you take advantage of the unrivalled foodie and art scenes. Enjoy sunset from the beach or a rooftop and make sure you go see that sporting game you've always w [...]

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