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Make $280 - $2100 per week hiring out your RV

It is completely free to list

Only 11% commission on each booking


Hire Out Your Caravan, Campervan, Motorhome or Camper Trailer

A huge majority of caravan, motorhome and campervan owners only get to use their precious memory making machines a small proportion of the year and that's where we come in. Camplify gives you the platform you need to earn extra cash whilst your RV is sitting around gathering dust and once you've created your free listing with us all you need to do is accept the booking requests that start rolling in. You get to choose WHEN you hire out and WHO you hire out to, you have control. And if you haven't already got hire insurance, we've got you covered there too!



If I share my RV, how much can I earn?


Use our free online calculator to get an estimate of what you could earn per week sharing your RV on Camplify

Every year, RV owners in Australia spend millions of dollars on registration, insurance, storage and maintenance fees.

After all these expenses, the average person only gets to use their freedom machine a couple of times per year. Every hour that your RV sits unused is costing you money. That's where we come in...

Did you know... the average owner of a caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or campervan only uses their freedom machine for around 6 weeks per year? With over 500,000 registered RVs in Australia, that's a lot of RVs sitting in driveways. Or worse, costing you money in storage.

Now, with Camplify, you can hire out your RV while it's not being used and earn some great extra income. You also get to help others experience the joy of camping!

Some benefits of listing your caravan or RV for hire on Camplify

It's free to list your RV

Screened hiring members

Full hiring insurance

Flexible hiring options

Set your own pricing

You approve al hires

Set your own pricing, flexible hiring options and it's free to list...

Listing and Hiring out your RV is Easy

  1. Create a free account here , answer a few simple questions and get access to the Camplify Dashboard.
  2. Hit the "Hire Out My RV" button, step through our easy process, upload some photos, or request a free photographer to take photos of your RV.
  3. Set your variable rates for standard hire periods and school holidays, along with your own hiring rules.
  4. Once you're set up on the Camplify Dashboard, you can login and manage your RV listings easily and securely, 24/7.
  5. When your RV is listed on Camplify, approved holidaymakers contact you via our messaging platform. You can ask any questions you like of the holidaymaker and decide whether you are happy to hire your RV to them. You then approve the booking request through your dashboard.

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1300 416 133



How does tax work?


Request a Camplify tax pack to learn all you need to know

RV Owner Success Stories

We have loads of great stories about expert owners who have joined the Camplify community and are earning some fantastic money hiring out their caravans and RVs. Here are just a few.

Private RV Owner

Luke - Ezytrail

Based in Brisbane, Luke began his Camplify journey with two camper trailers. With both trailers in high demand among hirers, he bought a third trailer after just two months and today continues to seize the investment opportunity at Camplify.

Read Luke's Story

Private RV Owner

Chris - Kaptans Outbacker

Chris was an early adopter of Camplify. Due to the size of his van, he made the decision to only drop it off around the Sydney area. Chris' luxury van, The Kaptans Outbacker, is regularly hired through Camplify.

Read Chris's Story

Private RV Owner

Betty - Cruisy

Betty and her husband heard about Camplify and decided to give it a go. Within just two days of listing her van, Betty received a booking from her perfect customer.

Read Betty's Story

We list all types of RV's for hire

Caravans, campervans, motorhomes & camper trailers


Days per year most caravans go unused


The average price of a new caravan


The average annual cost of caravan insurance


The average annual cost of caravan maintenance

Set your own pricing, flexible hiring options and it's free to list...

We work with our caravan owners to ensure a safe hiring environment.

  • Camplify has worked with industry leading insurance companies Australia-wide to develop a customised product for our members. This insurance product ensures that you are fully protected for any and all damage that could possibly occur while your RV is on hire. This product is made possible by using the advanced systems that Camplify provides. Find out more about our insurance product
  • We screen our hiring members before they can hire an RV, so you can be confident in listing your caravan, campervan, camper trailer or motorhome on Camplify. You can feel at ease knowing that any holidaymaker who contacts you via our system has passed our validation process. We are committed to sending only responsible hiring members your way.
  • You have full control of every hire enquiry. Through our system, you approve every request to hire your RV. This means that you have the final say on EVERY hiring request. If you don't feel that someone is qualified to hire your RV, you don’t have to accept their request.
  • If there are any problems, you can call and speak with someone from our member experience team.

Set your own pricing, flexible hiring options and it's free to list...

How much can you earn hiring out your caravan?

This is a rough guide that demonstrates the income you could potentially earn by hiring your RV to Camplify members. These are approximate averages of the rates our listed members are attracting. Please keep in mind that every RV is different and there are many factors (like seasonality and RV location) which can influence these figures. When you first list with Camplify, we recommend testing some different levels of pricing for best results. For more specific pricing information, try our calculator here

RV Type 6 Weeks of RV Hire 26 Weeks of RV Hire
Camper Trailers @ $50 per night



Pop Out Camper @ $80 per night



Pop Top Camper @ $100 per night



Caravan (No toilet) @ $120 per night



Caravan (w/toilet) @ $150 per night



Caravan (w/bunk beds) @ $170 per night



Motorhome @ $120 - $200 per night



Luxury RV @ $200+ per night





If I share my RV, how much can I earn?


Use our free online calculator to get an estimate of what you could earn per week sharing your RV on Camplify

Owners FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions by RV owners who are interested in joining Camplify. If you have more questions, please speak with our friendly team on 1300 416 133

  • All you need to list with Camplify is have comprehensive insurance for your van with any provider in Australia. Once you have this you can choose the Camplify Flexible Insurance to cover your van while on hire. There is no additional cost as the insurance is included within the Camplify Listing Fee of 11%. To find out more see our insurance page.

  • If your concerned about someone towing your RV Camplify has created a setup service. Using this option you can drop off your caravan, or camper at a location as agreed with the hirer and set it up for them. That way you know your RV arrived safely and you can show the hirer how to use it

  • Camplify holds a $1000 security bond for all hires that take place through our system. By using our post hire and pre hire checklists you can record any damage that occurs and submit a breakage claim. Our team will assist with working through with the hirer and recovering your costs. Any damage over $1000 will be claimed via insurance, this way you are never out of pocket.

  • It is totally free to list with Camplify. We only take a small 11% commission when your RV is hired out. This includes your per day insurance. To reduce your commission, you can upgrade to Premium Membership.

  • All hire enquires for you RV come through to you. It's then up to you to have a conversation with the hirer and approve or decline the booking

  • Rates depend on your location, your type of RV, brand, and age. We would suggest trying our pricing calculator, and then contacting our team for more advice.

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