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Member since November 2018


Perth, TAS

My partner and I began our love of Kombis in 2014 where we bought a decent shell and did some minor maintenance to get it registered. We had some great trips in that van! We acquired a couple more vans and also parted ways with a couple. We saved up and bought ourselves a rusty shell of a 1967 Split Screen over 3 years we restored it and the joy was overwhelming! We bought a few more Kombis when we saw them pop up around Tasmania and started to restore them. We currently have 8 Kombis and are working on restoring each of them to their former glory (in our spare time- which isnt a lot with 2 kids!) In June 2018 we decided we would love to share our Kombi dream with others. Our aim with hiring our vans is to meet like minding people who enjoy vintage cars, to let others share our passion and get a throw back to the 70s :) In the future we would love to take our kids on a Kombi road trip around Australia but for now we enjoy taking them around Tasmania on the weekends.

About Zoe

Why I love Camping

Kicking back and relaxing with friends. The beach, Camp fires and beers. Good times!!!

Favourite camping destination

East Coast, Tasmania. Swimcart beach, Lagoons Beach, Doras Point, Binelong Bay, Coles bay, St Helens, Bicheno etc. etc.