Camplify Insurance

We know that protecting your RV is critical when making the decision to hire.

How does Camplify Insurance Work?

Camplify RV Hiring Insurance

At Camplify, we understand the importance of having the insurance cover for hiring out your RV. That's why we have worked with Australia's leading insurers to give you 2 great options for covering for your RV whilst it's out on hire.

Option 1

Per day hire coverage

  1. To list on Camplify, your RV must be comprehensively insured.
  2. When you list your RV with Camplify, simply choose the per-day insurance option that applies to your RV.
  3. Whilst your RV is out on hire the Camplify per-day product will provide full hire insurance.
  4. Prices start from less than $7 per-day for full hire insurance.
  5. Age restriction for drivers is 25.
  6. You will be automatically covered whenever someone hires your RV via Camplify.
  7. Any costs involved are deducted from your total hire payment.

Option 2

Premium Membership

  1. Insurance coverage for private use and unlimited hiring.
  2. Prices start from $66 per month.
  3. Lower excess of $500 for private use and $1,000 for hirers.
  4. Our premium membership product covers you for all hires taken through Camplify 365 days a year.
  5. Includes cover for offroad travel.
  6. Age restriction for drivers is lowered to 21.
  7. Premium members also gain access to a range of other benefits designed to help you get most out out of Camplify.
  8. Learn more about Camplify Premium membership here.


If I share my RV, how much can I earn?

Use our free online calculator to get an estimate of what you could earn per week sharing your RV on Camplify

Camplify has you covered for all of your hire insurance needs. For more detailed information on our insurance solutions please read the Product Disclosure Statements below:

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