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Why I Want You To Share The Caravan Love

Thursday 28th May 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Camplify’s CEO, Justin Hales, loves camping and caravan holidays. Read his story below and find out why he wants you to share the caravan love by listing your caravan for hire, or hiring out a caravan.

Justin Standing in Front of His Parents Caravan 1984

Justin has loved caravaning as long as he can remember. The love of caravan’s runs through Justin’s vein’s.

1958 – Justin’s Mum in Front of Her Parents Caravan

My love of caravans and travel runs deep. My first holiday memories are in a caravan park chasing my cousins and playing carefree. Our family went to the Breakers caravan park at Port Macquarie every year. The entire street at the caravan park was full of people from my home town who had all migrated north for the holidays. The feeling of community and fun was an amazing experience growing up as a child. My parents had a blue and white viscount van and my favourite thing was knowing I was sleeping on the kitchen table every night. 
Every morning I would wake up and leave my parents sleeping in and head next door to my grandparents’ caravan where they would greet me sitting at their dining table, my grandfather cooking toast on the cooktop burner, ready to tell a tall tale he had thought of overnight. 
It was on holidays like this I learn to fish, ride my bike, and body surf at the beach. 
Our time at the caravan park as caravan owners however came to an end when, returning home after one holiday, we were run off the road by another car, and my father had to take action to avoid a serious accident. After we returned home via a tow truck, my mother and father decided that our caravan ownership days were numbered and the caravan was soon on the market. 
My family still visited our extended family at the holiday park for years after, but it was never the same as being residents of the holiday street. Late last year, my wife and I decided we would like to get back to our caravan roots and hire a caravan for the summer holidays to have a relaxing adventure. Being inner city livers we have no space to store a caravan and would never consider purchasing one in our current home. After searching far and wide to find a caravan for hire, we gave up and enjoyed the summer at home. 
However, a seed had been planted, and the thought wouldn’t leave me that there should be a service where we can rent someone else’s caravan for a couple of weeks, like Airbnb, but for caravans. That’s when I decided it was time to build Camplify. 

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