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Why Easter Is the Best Time for Caravanning & Camping in Australia

Thursday 22nd February 2018
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
If you ask our team, every day is the best day to go camping and caravanning. However, one time of year stands out more than others as the perfect time to explore the great outdoors and soak up nature – and that’s Easter.

Here are 6 reasons why you should plan an Easter camping getaway now;

1. The Weather

Easter has the optimal weather for caravanning and camping, with warm days and cooler nights. There is nothing worse than unrelenting heat on your caravan and camping getaway. As the temperature cools just slightly and the nights become more bearable without AC, Easter is a great time of year for swimming, evening BBQ’s, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors in Australia.

2. Get in Before Daylight Reduces

If you live in a state where daylight savings is in place you will really understand this one! Easter is the last hurrah for long summer days and delightful summer twilight evenings, and everyone loves the twinkle of a summer evening right. 

3. Public holiday = 4 Day weekend!

Anytime you can string a few public holidays together is a reason to celebrate! Don’t waste these precious commodities; make the most of them by planning an escape.

4. Food

If you have not had a chance to cook a roast in a camp oven or better yet eaten a roast cooked in a camp oven, you haven’t lived! If there is one thing I know it’s holidays like Easter and food are linked like Camplify and caravans. There are some AMAZING recipes you should try this Easter while you are camping. Simple and delicious meal ideas are dips and crackers spreads with cheese, fruit, nuts and wine!

5. Community

Happy hour in an Australian caravan park is a thing of beauty and wonder. There are more laughs and smiles per square meter than at a Wiggles concert. If you haven’t experienced this the time is now. Also if you have only ever stayed in a cabin in a holiday park you have not really experienced the true “happy hour” the real experience only happens in a caravan or RV.

6. Easter eggs and chocolate!

Why? Because any excuse for eating chocolate in a caravan is OK by us!

So has all this made you want to head down to the local RV dealer and spend up to go on a caravanning holiday? Don’t be silly; we live in a digital age, where you can just borrow someone else’s! Just head to our search page and find your perfect caravan, camper trailer, campervan, or motorhome to hire from an expert owner these Easter holidays. There are still some available across Australia, so get in quick!

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Bailey Strempel

Mar 19, 21:20 PM

Really fun to go on a caravan camping trip in Easter.Thanks a lot for your valuable sharing and experience.A very informative article. I enjoyed reading. Keep sharing more with us.

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