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Why Camping With a Dog Makes a Great Holiday

Tuesday 17th November 2015
By Sarah Hales
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By Sarah Hales
Camplify CEO Justin and I love taking our Border Collie, Storm on holidays. If you are anything like us, your dog is an integral part of the family and its not the same when they aren’t around. Trips away are much more fun with your fur-child along for the ride. Just make sure to pack your sense of humour.

Finding dog-friendly accommodation in a great location can sometimes be tricky, and holiday units and resorts that accept animals are limited. Caravan and camp trailers are a great option for holidays with furry family members. Make use of the wide, open spaces and take advantage of outdoor attractions like beaches, fishing spots, and country retreats. The cost of taking your dog on this kind of holiday is minimal, and certainly a lot cheaper than boarding them at a kennel while you are away – and worrying about them missing you! There a few things you should consider before hitting the road that will make your trip as smooth as possible…


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Lots of parks welcome dogs. Just make sure you plan ahead, check the park rules and notify them that you are bringing your dog.

Is your dog up to date with all their shots? Some parks will require proof of immunization. Don’t forget to treat for fleas and ticks, summer is prime time for ticks, and no one wants a trip to the vet when you could be roasting marshmallows.

Pack lots of poop bags, dog toys, food, treats, bowls, bedding and towels and always have plenty of cool water on hand for your pup when heading out on the road.

Make sure you have the appropriate car harness to keep your buddy safe.

Wear them out before a long car ride. They will sleep on the journey and their boredom will not be getting the best of them. Also make sure you allow for plenty of stops along the way.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, make the most of the activities on offer that you can involve your dog in. Beaches are a great choice for dogs, Storm loves the beach and everything about it, swimming, playing fetch, chasing seagulls, and dripping water on my towel (bring extra towels!). She has been also known to commandeer kayaks, and hang over the bow and navigate a boat.

If you think you might have an extra-talented pup, try stand-up paddle boarding or canoeing with your dog. It will be entertaining at the least.

Rural areas are also very relaxing for dog-parents, and wannabe sheep-dogs can get back to nature and round up the sheep while the farmer isn’t looking.

Watching your dog have the time of its life is very rewarding and you will be glad that you brought them along.

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