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What’s your favourite camping food?

Tuesday 19th April 2016
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
1. Toasted Marshmallows

Gooey sugar on a stick — an oldie but a goodie.

Your tastes never really matured when it came to camping food. There’s just something about the whole ritual that makes you feel like a kid again. Maybe it’s the sticky fingers or the sugar high; or maybe it’s the fact that there could have been possum poo on that stick but you don’t even care. You’re too busy devouring mouthfuls of charred melty goodness. Nom nom.

2. Snag Sangas

No skill required here and guaranteed to satisfy.

What you love most about the snag sanga is that it doesn’t put on airs; it never pretends to be something that it’s not. The humble sausage-in-bread is perfectly aware of its similarities to its American cousin, the hot dog, but it prefers to remain pure. While tomato sauce and/or onions are common accompaniments to this dish (barbeque sauce is also acceptable), your taste buds recoil at such blasphemies as cheese, sauerkraut, or even (gasp) mustard.

3. Burgers

Because sometimes, snag sangas aren’t gourmet enough.

It’s sad but true. At some stage, you’re going to need a slightly more diverse diet than bread and meat to sustain you on your camping trip. Traditionally, these essential vitamins and minerals can be found in cheese, tomato, iceberg lettuce and (depending on who you ask) beetroot. Occasionally, health-conscious campers such as yourself even go so far as to add a rasher of bacon — for extra protein of course.

4. Pancakes

Your flips are legendary.

You’re such a flipping expert at cooking pancakes, you never even have to bin the first one of the batch — it’s actually edible! You’re a bit of a sweet tooth and sometimes feel judged when you sprinkle too much sugar over your breakfast (especially when it’s bacon & eggs). With pancakes however, you feel safe to go nuts with the condiment of your choice, whether it be lemon & sugar, jam or syrup. You could even put fruit on top and call it healthy.

5. Chips

Maybe some dip too, if you’re feeling adventurous.

You don’t cook at home, so why would you cook when you’re on holiday? You’re a regular at the kiosk and your camping buddies have begun to associate your presence with a rustling sound. During the day you’re happy to snack on some good old Salt & Vinegar, but for dinner you like to have something a bit more substantial, like Cheese & Onion between two slices of white bread. Nutritious and delicious.

6. Po-tay-toes

Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew! Spuds any style are ok with you.

Actually, mash sounds a bit too complicated for camping. Better off chopping them up with some onions and bacon, wrapping it all in foil and chucking it on the coals — yummo! If you brought supplies for baked potatoes, go for it. Just don’t, whatever you do, forget the sour cream.

7. Bacon & Eggs

You’re more than happy to have this for brekky, lunch & dins.

If you’re the kind of camper who likes to enjoy a few bevvies around the campfire of a night time, you’re probably not going to be up to cooking (or eating) a very complicated breakfast. Good old bacon & eggs is almost impossible to stuff up and as long as there is enough to go around, this fry-up favourite is guaranteed to satisfy.

8. Cheese Toasties

Whoever thinks to bring a jaffle iron is revered as a genius. 

If you didn’t have the foresight, don’t stress. Seriously, chill out! It’s all going to be ok! You can always do toasties in the pan, it just means you won’t be able to put tinned spaghetti in them, or make dessert toasties with marshmallows and Nutella. Also, you won’t get that gorgeous crunchy triangley shape that fits perfectly in one hand. Really, all you’ve got now is a toast sandwich and that’s no fun. What were you thinking? This really is a disaster!

9. Kebabs

Meat on sticks. Probs chuck some onions in there. Yum!

Although your favourite 3am souvas are admittedly delicious, that kind of kebab just isn’t camping-friendly. First of all it takes hours to roast a spit, then there are just too many ingredients and the assembly would be a disaster, with tabouleh inevitably scattered all over your tiny camp table. Best to stick with the stick variety. These usually come pre-marinated so all you need to do is whack them on the heat and eat them — no plate required!

10. Mac & Cheese

Easy, cheesy, kinda makes you queasy. 

Yeah, I don’t know who put this one in here. It’s a stout favourite of the yankee camper, but still has its merits. With only 2 ingredients (one really, if you go for the packet variety), anyone can master it. If you want to get creative, chuck some bacon, spinach or chilli (con carne) in there. Honestly, you need to have a good read of this list and reflect on your life choices if this is your favourite camping food.

11. Sticky Ribs

These bad boys disappear fast and there’s never enough.

Whether you’re a honey soy, sweet & sour or classic barbecue fan, your mouth starts to water at the mention of ribs. If they are your favourite camping food, they should always be consumed on the last night of your trip. The reasons are twofold; one: the glaze will stick to all of your cookware and you left the chisel at home, two: if you eat them on the first night, every subsequent night’s dinner will taste of longing and disappointment — save the best until last.

12. ‘Bit of Everything’ Stew

Consists of whatever’s left over on the last day.

Seriously, you can chuck anything in here and it’ll probably taste all right. Left over snags, spuds, beans, steak, veggies; it’s all good. As an accompaniment, we recommend you grab a loaf of bread from the kiosk. If you’re feeling really inspired though, you could make your own damper on the campfire. Tear off a piece, smother it with butter and dunk it into the stew, imagining that you’re a true pioneer

13. Fish in Foil

If you buy them whole it looks like you caught them yourself, which is handy if you’ve had an unlucky day out on the pier.

Let’s say you do manage to snag a few keepers however, there is no better way to show off your prize catch than by serving up a sumptuous fishy feast for your family and friends. Pop them each in a foil bag with some lemon & herbs, bake it on the campfire and voilà! You’re an instant hero.

14. Marinated Chicken Drummies 

Nothing like a cheeky Nando’s in the bush! Here is something you prepared earlier…

These babies are almost too easy to cook and are guaranteed to tempt even the fussiest of taste buds. You may not plan ahead when it comes to packing insect repellant or toilet paper, but you’re all set with dinner. Usually you’re a spicy cajun fan, but you’ve been known to experiment with lemon & thyme or even honey soy. Occasionally you’ll switch to wings (just to mix it up a bit) but you always return to the classic drumstick; it’s just easier to hold!

15. Vegetables

What are all those green things you’re putting on my plate?

When you pull out the veggies at the campsite, everyone’s all like: “Who invited this guy?”. That is, until they’ve tried your stuffed mushies or eggplant parma. Whether there’s a vego in your midst or you just need something other than potato salad to go with your rissoles, you love to get your green on.

16. Woodfired Fig, Prosciutto & Gorgonzola Pizza (or something equally obnoxious)

“For our entrée tonight we have grilled carrot fries with chipotle lime aioli, on a bed of cauliflower puree.”

No. Just stop. Ok, we get that you’re obsessed with pulled pork (who isn’t) and can’t get enough of confit right now, but did you really have to have a pizza oven installed in your caravan? Not that we’re complaining, we’ll eat your delectable delicacies. Just don’t use all the cooking gas for your foam gun.

17. Lamb Chops

Camping is pretty much the only time you’re allowed to eat 5 lamb chops for breakfast and nobody thinks twice. For you, there is no greater pleasure and it’s just that simple.

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