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Tips for Visiting the Big Red Bash Australia's Camping Music Festival

Thursday 21st June 2018
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
The Big Red Bash is known as Australia's most remote music festival. It's situated near the Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australian borders, about 30km from Birdsville. (yes very close to the middle of nowhere!) Here's our top tips for first-timers making the pilgrimage to the Bash!

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1. Decide on your vehicle and caravan or camper trailer

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If you're someone looking for more comfort when heading the the Big Red Bash (you're sick of camping in a swag or tent) you might want to consider hiring a caravan or camper trailer to tick off this bucket list item!
At this time of year, caravanners from all over Australia start their voyage to the bash, if you're wanting to experience a caravanning holiday without buying one yourself, Camplify has plenty of vans to hire. Adventure Shack specialises in trips from Brisbane heading to the Bash every year. You'll need an appropriate towing vehicle depending on which caravan or camper trailer you hire and you must insure you have an electric brake controller fitted.


2. Consider your petrol and diesel costs!

This will be one of the main costs of getting to the Bash. People trek from all over Australia for travel for weeks, sometimes months, to get the Bash. Fuel is expensive in many of the more remote areas so insure you factor this in to your costs when planning your trip. Use apps like Fuel Map Australia to see where the cheapest fuel is along the way. 


2. Prepare meals ahead of time

If you want to be eating regularly, healthy and/or on a budget, we recommend freezing meals ahead of time to reheat at your campsite at the Bash. The convenience of having ready made meals also means more time listening to the music and enjoying time with friends and family. Here's a list of our favourite healthy camping meals


3. Bring your own solar set-up!

Most areas at the Bash will not have connection to power. Make sure your solar set up will be able to charge your phone or camera so you can keep all those awesome memories you're going to make! You'll need at least one solar panel to keep the battery charged and possibly a second battery! This article provides some great insight on the best ways to set up your solar!


4. Bring your own firewood!

If you want hot baked campfire potatoes you need to bring your own firewood to the Bash! Make sure you've also got plenty of firestarters/kindling or newspaper to get it started easy. If you're a newbie to starting campfires, we found this video very useful to watch!


5. Take it slow on the road!

With over 6000 vehicles on the roads, from all over Australia, making the big trip to the Bash, there's bound to be a lot more traffic then usual! Ensure you take it slow on the road and stop in at all the small towns along the way. These small towns are able to survive thanks to tourism especially at this time of year. Here's a great list of the towns you must stop in to visit on the route from Sydney. The organisers of the Bash have a fantastic trip planner from all over Australia too!

If you're heading to the Big Red Bash this year make sure you take notes of these tips but most of all enjoy yourself!  Sit back and enjoy the music! Check out the line up here. 


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