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The Caravanning Trip of a Lifetime: Into the Australian Outback

Thursday 30th June 2016
By Sarah Hales
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By Sarah Hales
One of our great owners Karl, his wife Jess, and their three little boys Cooper (5), Lachlan (3) and Bailey (7 months), embarked on an Australian caravanning adventure of a lifetime at the beginning of June 2016. They're travelling across Oz in their fantastic 2013 Jayco Expanda Outback. Over four months, they will travel through Central, Northern and Western Australia. Much to the envy of us fellow camping-lovers that are stuck at work, they’ll be taking in the breathtaking scenes of Uluru, Alice Springs, Kakadu, Darwin, The Kimberly, Broome, Exmouth and Perth.

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Amazing footage from Karl's family caravanning trip

With a focus on the variety of facilities that a family can enjoy while caravanning, Karl and his family intend to capture and share their experiences with their friends and other Camplify members via their new and growing travel blog called Blue Eyes Adventure. During his adventure, Karl has kindly offered to share and discuss his family’s Australian caravanning experience. This week, Karl updated us on the highlights and surprises of the first month of their trip.

What’s the longest distance you have covered in one day on this trip? 

To date we have covered just over 6000kms, with our longest trip on a single day being 650kms. 

What’s been the best unplanned find on your trip?

Without doubt, the most unexpected but amazing find of our trip to date is Gunlom Falls in the Kakadu National Park. We planned to stay at Mary River Roadhouse but decided to push on and travel the corrugated road and were excited to find a great little camp ground with views of the falls. In the morning we hiked up to the top of the falls for a swim in the natural infinity pool overlooking the Kakadu plains. Kakadu beauty at its best!

What has been the most unexpected thing you have seen?

This is one for the boys…we stumbled across a replica “Mack” truck who carries “Lightning McQueen” from the Disney movie “Cars” while we were staying at Mataranka in the Northern Territory. The truck was returning from the V8 Supercars in Darwin the weekend before. It was a massive hit with the kids and we made several trips a day to see the truck in the parking area. The movie theme song, “Life is a Highway”, is now the boys’ favourite and gets played everyday in the car!

How has travelling with three small children been?

Like life at home with three kids, each day is a rollercoaster. The kids have been great and are loving the experience. We have our challenging times in and out of the car with them. It’s important to try and give them "buy in" to our activities and explain what the day’s plan is. Jess has done an amazing job tending to their needs while I have done the majority of the driving. At some road stops we have running races to try and burn up some of their energy before getting back in the car. We get some funny looks from the “Grey Nomads” who must think we are crazy travelling with such young children, but we have been amazed by just how many families with children are doing the same thing. It’s a rewarding experience for both the kids and us!

How have the caravan and Land Cruiser performed?

Both the caravan and the car have been excellent! We have refined our packing as we have progressed and fine-tuned our pack up and set-up systems. We have tackled more corrugated roads than we have ever before and both the car and caravan have been up to the task. I did fill the van with dust (sorry Jess) on our first unsealed adventure, but with a little more care this hasn’t occurred again.

Any on-the-road challanges you have had to overcome?

I have had some auxiliary battery issues, which have prevented the fridge in the car from working the way it should. This has led to hot beer, which in the warm weather in the Northern Territory is tragic! Apart from that things have been running smoothly…touch wood!

What has been the best holiday park so far and why?

The MacDonald Ranges Big 4 in Alice Springs would have to be the best holiday park we have stayed in to date. Its facilities were top shelf with new amenities, fantastic pools and waterslide, games rooms, jumping pillow and playground. 

Have you done any free camping? 

Some of our best nights on the road to date have been free camping, sitting around the campfire eating marshmallows and checking out the stars! Those moments have been priceless!

Have you learned any new skills so far?

I feel I am becoming more patient with our kids. I have more time to listen to them and understand their point of view. Something that everyday life does not always allow!

Where are you off to next?

We are currently in Darwin and heading to Litchfield National Park next. From there, it’s west to the Kimberley in Western Australia!

Meet up with Karl! 

Karl’s van features unique Camplify wraps, so keep an eye out for him on the road! We’re closely following Karl's trip and will be sure to share more of the wonderful experiences that come with his family caravanning trip around Australia. 


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