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Owner Support - Gumtree Management

Tuesday 17th January 2017
By Cam Donovan
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By Cam Donovan

Introducing Camplify's FREE Gumtree Listing Management Service

Let Camplify manage & filter your enquiries so you can attract more qualified hire enquiries for your RV.


At Camplify, we’re committed to helping you generate as many bookings as possible with the least amount of effort.
 This is why we have created our FREE Gumtree listing management service.


This service should only take about 10 minutes of your time to set up initially and then we will do the rest for you! 



Interested? Read on... 

 As you may be aware, listing your RV for hire on can generate you hire enquiries and opportunities for bookings. However, many of our members have found that Gumtree can generate a significant volume of hire enquiries that will never actually follow through and make a booking. This can waste hours of your time.
Based on our data, only 9% of direct enquiries from Gumtree go ahead with a booking. This compares to an average of 49% of booking requests through the Camplify system that actually proceed to book and pay.
To save you time dealing with these enquiries from Gumtree, the Camplify team are here to help! Free of charge, we will manage your Gumtree enquires for you and direct potential hirers to create a booking request via your listing on Camplify. This way, you can keep all of your hire enquiries in our purpose-built secure booking system.

Steps to creating a free Gumtree listing for your RV 
  1. Let us know you would like to list on Gumtree by replying to this email. 
  2. Our team will send you a unique email address and password to be used only for logging in to your Gumtree account. 
  3. Go ahead and create a free Gumtree account with your new email address and password. We will send you instructions on how to create a great RV listing on Gumtree which will help you rank higher in search results on Gumtree and also Google. 
  4. Confirm your Gumtree account.
  5. Publish your RV listing.
  6. Once your RV listing is live on Gumtree, send a link to your listing to the Camplify team for management. 

Our team will monitor your Gumtree account and will reply on your behalf to all enquiries. For any serious enquiries, we will direct the hirer to create a booking request. Once you have the booking request, simply follow the standard procedures. 


If you already have a listing on Gumtree, you can follow these steps  

  1. Let us know you would like Camplify to manage your Gumtree account.
  2. Camplify will create you a new email address for your listing management.
  3. Change your email address in your Gumtree account to the new email address.
  4. Confirm this change in your email account.  
Please note, once we make this change, all Gumtree emails will be directed to Camplify.

Any feedback is very welcome, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the team at

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