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How to WOW Holidaymakers When They Hire Your Caravan

Tuesday 4th August 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy

At Camplify, we want to build amazing experiences for our hiring members, as well our RV owners. As a Camplify RV owner member, you can do a few little things to make the world of difference to the holiday of the person hiring your RV. After all, that’s what Camplify is all about - a community of amazing people connecting and sharing their love of Caravanning and camping.

  • Provide a welcome pack for your guests. Give your guests a pack of the basics they might need when they arrive for their first experience in your RV. It might include fresh milk, tea and coffee, nice biscuits, some eggs, orange juice, and fresh bread - just enough of the basics so a guest can start their holiday off. Build the cost of this pack into your nightly rate to cover your costs.
  • Help your guests get started on their holiday. Doing little things for your guests so they can get started on their holiday quickly will make the world of difference for them. Here are a couple of ideas: Get some ice for the esky, make sure your gas bottle is full, or just provide toilet paper.
  • Give your guests the information they need. Remember, some of your guests may not be frequent RV users. Provide them with information to ease them into the RV experience. Give your guests a written set of frequently asked questions on your RV and a "How-To" guide for those tasks you don’t even think about each time you use it. Doing this will provide a better experience and minimize the questions to you.
  • Let your guests know about the area they are holidaying in. If you are providing a set-up RV, provide your guests with information on the area. Remember - you are a local, so you know all the good spots. Where can you get a great meal? Where is the best place for a picnic? What are the opening hours for the local supermarket? Where is the top fishing spot?
  • Celebrate with your guests. If you are providing a set-up RV and you are meeting your guests at the holiday park, that is the perfect time to help your guests experience the start of the holiday by having a cold one on hand ready to help them celebrate getting their holiday off and running!
These are simple things you can do to keep holiday makers coming back to you for future holidays. For more advice on how to WOW holidaymakers when they hire your RV, give us a call on 1300 416 133 and our partner experience team can help you out! What is Camplify? We are Australia's largest caravan hire & RV sharing community. Learn more here

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