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How to Drive Safely With Your Family

Tuesday 20th June 2017
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
The Camplify community offers a wide choice of different vehicles for your holiday experience. If you’re considering a road trip for your next family holiday, think about saving your precious dollars by renting from our sharing community. And for caravan, campervan, motorhome and camper trailer owners you could earn some serious pocket money by renting out your vehicle through our secure platform!

When you undertake any road trip with or without your family, safety must be your main priority. Knowing how to keep your loved ones safe while driving is not always straight forward, especially if you’re towing. That’s why we want to share our safety advice to ensure that your Camplify experience is a safe and happy one.

We’ve all spent a decent chunk of our lives stuck behind a slow-driving caravan. Now it’s your turn to dawdle! These slow-movers are doing exactly the right thing. Safety is paramount when caravanning – especially when you're towing for the first time. 
 If you are travelling well below the speed limit whilst towing, remember to be mindful of the number of frustrated motorists that are building up behind you. Keep left and, when necessary, pull over and let the impeding traffic pass on by. Don't be pressured to accelerate to an unsafe speed just because somebody behind you is being impatient and honking their horn! 

Another benefit of travelling at a steady speed is the increased likelihood of avoiding stray wildlife. If you see something wander onto the road ahead, you’ll have more time to honk the horn – or even stop in time.
 Choose the Right Vehicle
 Choosing a family van with Camplify is super easy. Whether you are a family of four or a family of eight, heading off and checking out Australia has never been easier. All vans on Camplify come with full insurance and fully registered. Before you leave on your trip, our expert owners will show you how to use their vans with heaps of tips and tricks on towing and setting up. 

A full run down on all the safety features and safety equipment is also covered off by the owner. When choosing to self-drive or tow, being educated by an expert owner makes all the difference to being safe on the road and having an amazing holiday.
 For more expert tips on enjoying a safe family holiday on the road, be sure to read our feature in NSW Compensation Lawyers’ article: ‘Drive Safe with Your Family’.

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