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Gotta Catch 'Em All At These Top Parks

Wednesday 31st August 2016
By Cam Donovan
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By Cam Donovan

New to Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a new smartphone-based game that requires users to physically travel to different real-world locations and collect, or 'catch', virtual creatures known as 'Pokemon'. Each one of these 151 different virtual creatures has a unique appearance and particular set of strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. Some are harder to find and catch than others, and some transform, or 'evolve', to make a similar yet more advanced type of Pokemon. Once successfully caught using a 'Pokeball', players are able to use their collected Pokemon to engage in a number of game-based tasks, such as training and dueling. 

Why Pokemon GO is great for family camping holidays:

If you ask a young Pokemon GO user what they'd be doing if they weren't playing Pokemon GO, most would tell you something like: watching TV, scrolling Facebook or playing video games in their bedroom. In a world where technology is so often criticised for promoting anti-social behaviour, the real-world focus adopted by Pokemon GO is something that encourages people to be physically active and more social, which we think is great! Camping holidays are all about getting out and about, meeting people, having fun and trying new things. Pokemon GO goes hand in hand with these concepts, meaning you'll never hear the dreaded "Muuum, Daaad - I'm bored" when theres Pokemon about.

Professor Oak's tips for combining camping and Pokemon GO:

  • Consider investing in a portable phone battery charger. A solar-powered one if you're not camping near a power source.
  • Don't Pokemon GO and drive, it's dangerous and illegal.
  • Beware of your surroundings. You don't want to end up walking into a tree!
  • Respect other campers. It's all very well to get excited about catching a rare Pokemon, but it isn't a good enough reason to disturb someone else's holiday. Stay within common areas and try not to be too noisy before and after the sun goes down.
  • Keep it family-oriented. Camping trips provide some of the best family memories. Play Pokemon GO together!
  • Remember to stop and smell the real life roses from time to time. There is more to life than Pokemon, so make sure you and your family know when to have a break and stretch the thumbs. 

So, which Pokemon can you catch at Top Parks?

Lucky for you, we’ve decided to send our very best Pokemon trainers on a quest to find out which Pokemon you can catch in and around nine Top Parks venues. Have a read through the reported sightings and hints so you and your family have a better chance of catching 'em all on your next camping trip. 


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This awesome park is centrally located on Queensland's beautifully buzzing Gold Coast. It is very hard to go past if you’re camping with kids, and is the absolute perfect spot if your goal is to catch 'em all. You could make the short trip to Pacific Fair and catch another annoying Rattata, or wander along the beach and watch the Magikarp splashing around. You might as well catch Pokemon at all the famous Aussie theme parks while you’re up there – ideally a high-flying Charizard at Dreamworld, a cute little Pikachu at Movie World, or a powerful Gyarados at Sea World - not to mention one of the many Squirtles that are hanging around Wet 'n’ Wild! Whether you’re after a relaxing family break or a Pokemon-packed adventure holiday, Nobby Beach Holiday Park is the perfect place for you and your family to park the caravan and Pokemon GO for it. 

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • Dream World
  • Movie World
  • Wet n’ Wild
  • Sea World
  • Pacific Fair
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Nobby Beach Holiday Park:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Dratini  | #147  | Normal
  | Psyduck  | #54  | Psychic
  | Tentacool  | #72  | Water + Poison
  | Doduo  | #84  | Fighting + Normal

This fantastic park is set amid the headlands of Nambucca on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Surrounded by the big blue Pacific Ocean, winding Nambucca River and lush Gordon Park Rainforest, this place is both a visual treat and an awesome spot for your Mid North Coast Pokemon GO pitstop. The site itself is quiet and very well-kept, which is probably why our trainers spotted so many Nidorans and Bulbasaurs that are often quite rare. Being a beachside park there is the opportunity to hook a mighty Gyarados on your sunny seaside walk, but please consider wearing shoes - there are Krabby about! Situated within a huge coastal forest, this park is definitely a nature-lover’s paradise. If you’re keen to make the thirty minute drive up to Coffs Harbour, be sure to check out some of the local Pokemon GO hotspots listed below. Let’s just say our trainers think it should be called 'Pidgey Island' instead of Muttonbird Island! 

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • North Coast Botanic Garden
  • Fisherman's Co-Op
  • Muttonbird Island
  • The Pub With No Beer
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Active Parks White Albatross:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Pidgey  | #16  | Flying
  | Bulbasaur  | #1  | Grass
  | Gyarados  | #130  | Normal
  | Nidoran  | #29  | Poison
The Norah Head Holiday Park is set upon the stunning shores of Soldiers Beach. Being less than two hours north of Sydney CBD and just an hour south of Newcastle CBD, this northern Central Coast gem is awesome for Pokemon-crazy Sydney and Newcastle folk to head back home with that elusive rare Pokemon. Make sure you relax on the sand with all the Eggsecutes, and bring your binoculars for some Pidgeot-watching. Oh, and if you’ve got a waterproof phone, get out on your surfboard and hit the waves with a Lapras! There are a tonne of fun things for you and the family to do while holidaying here. One thing is for sure though - make sure you bring your swimmers! You can learn to surf like Blastoise at one of the local surf schools, explore the Sandshrew-laden beaches stretching from Budgewoi to The Entrance or just splash around like a Magikarp at The Rockpool. All in all, Norah Head Holiday Park offers the ultimate city escape for busy families looking to put aside the daily grind and recharge the batteries; body, mind, soul... and phone.

Disclaimer: Camplify won’t be held responsible if your phone ends up on the bottom of the ocean! 

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots

  • Soldiers Beach Surf Club
  • Toukley Shopping precinct 
  • Norah Head Lighthouse 
  • The Rockpool
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Norah Head Holiday Park:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Growlithe  | #58  | Fire
  | Pidgeot  | #18  | Normal + Flying
  | Exeggcute  | #102  | Grass + Psychic
  | Nidoran  | #29  | Poison
  | Paras  | #46  | Bug + Grass
  | Bulbasaur  | #1  | Grass

This gem is located in Dural, which is an easy 45 minute drive north-west of the Sydney CBD. It is the place of choice for many of Sydney’s Pokemon campers and, considering its luxury features and facilities, it is very affordable. Most people would think that a holiday park based on the busy outskirts of Sydney would be a noisy nightmare, however, much to the surprise of many, this park is actually very quiet and relaxing. Set among an oasis of shady, well-kept gardens, it makes for the perfect Pokemon habitat. Take in the picturesque Hawksbury River during your hunt for Staryus, or play around in the Growltihe-filled gardens that surround the park. Whether it's an Abra, Kadabra or Alakazam; this Sydney secret will have you hypnotized in a good way.

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • Hawksbury River
  • Fagan Park
  • Koala Park
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Active Holidays Sydney Hills:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Pikachu  | #125  | Electric
  | Growlithe  | #58  | Fire
  | Dratini  | #147  | Normal
  | Kadabra  | #64  | Psychic
  | Staryu  | #120  | Water
  | Slowpoke  | #79  | Water + Psychic

This beautiful NSW South Coast holiday park is an easy two hour drive from Canberra and a four hour freeway cruise from Sydney CBD. There is definitely no shortage of things for you and your Pokemon-loving kids to do at this park. The crystal clear water at nearby Denham’s beach has attracted a number of water-type Pokemon to the area. Spot whales, dolphins, fish, surfers and fishing boats through your real eyes - and a Lapras, Tentacool or Squirtle through Pokemon GO. Our trainers recommend keeping an eye on the local Dratini, because where there’s Dratini, there are Dragonair, and where there are Dragonair, there is sure to be that elusive Dragonite! If you think you’ve already caught enough water-type Pokemon, be sure to go for a Pokemon bush walk in the Clyde River National Park - our trainers said it was crawling with grass-types! This family-friendly park is a great opportunity for your kids to make new friends and share the Pokemon GO experience together.

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • Clyde River
  • Denham's Beach
  • Mogo Zoo
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Pleasurelea Tourist Resort and Caravan Park

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Aerodactyl  | #142  | Normal
  | Goldeen  | #118  | Water
  | Zubat  | #41  | Flying + Poison
  | Dratini  | #147  | Normal
  | Dragonite  | #149  | Normal
  | Squirtle  | #7  | Water

Located on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of Southern NSW, Saphire Valley Caravan Park is yet another amazing Pokemon GO holiday destination. With the spectacular ocean views, our trainers said said one thing about this place: “It’s super effective!” This award-winning caravan park and its surrounds offer a range of family-friendly activities, but we'd recommend that you go on one of the cruise boats operating daily during the Lapras-watching season - they'll ensure you get close enough to toss your Pokeball. Also popular is Magic Mountain, at which many people often mistake the Diamond Python Roller Coaster for an Onyx! Wander through the local aquarium with your family and you should spot a Goldeen or two. Or, head over to the Mumbulla Creek Falls to try your hand at catching a local Geodude. It’s pretty safe to say that there is plenty to do, and plenty of Pokemon to catch around this area.

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • Mumbulla Creek Falls
  • Merimbula Board Walk
  • Magic Mountain
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Sapphire Valley Caravan Park:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Geodude  | #74  | Rock + Ground
  | Goldeen  | #118  | Water
  | Machamp  | #68  | Fighting
  | Lapras  | #131  | Water
  | Gyarados  | #130  | Water
  | Chansey  | #113  | Normal

Lani's Holiday Island is located on the gorgeous Wallis Lake in the heart of the twin seaside towns of Forster and Tuncurry. Whether you’re after a luxury villa that even a posh Persian would be happy with, or a Metapod-laden grassy campsite for your caravan, this park will deliver. You’ll be sharing this great area with not only Pokemon, but also kangaroos, wallabies, possums, koalas, hundreds of bird species and more. The combination of the bush, wetland, lakes, rivers and long stretches of peaceful sandy beaches make this place an indisputable Pokemon paradise!

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots

  • Local Markets
  • Wallis Island
  • Booti Booti National Park
  • Forster/Tuncurry Township
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Lani's Holiday Island:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Poliwag  | #60  | Water
  | Metapod  | #11  | Bug
  | Scyther  | #123  | Flying
  | Kangaskhan  | #115  | Rock + Water
  | Diglett  | #50  | Ground
  | Vulpix  | #37  | Fire

Beach Park is a cute beachside family park located on Phillip Island, Victoria. With beach frontage and beautfully treed surrounds, it's no surprise that this park has a great mix of Pokemon. There is an awesome set of facilities on offer, including: a heated in-ground pool, BBQ barn, children's playground, recreation room with open fireplace that reminds you of a Magmar, plus modern bathroom and laundry amenities. Wake up to a curious Eevee at your caravan's doorstep, or say hello to a Doduo whilst trekking around the island. Our trainers especially loved the nightly Penguin Parade, at which they spotted a Wartortle joining in on the fun!

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • Cowes Night Market
  • Churchill Island
  • Phillip Island Grand Prix Curcuit 
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Beach Park Tourist Caravan Park:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Magmar  | #126  | Fire
  | Eevee  | #133  | Normal
  | Doduo  | #84  | Fighting + Normal
  | Wartortle  | #8  | Water
  | Sandshrew  | #27  | Ground

Situated along Victoria's iconic Surf Coast, Torquay Holiday Park has a range of great attractions wherever you look. For location, things to do, quality of facilities and Pokemon ready to catch, Torquay really does tick all the boxes. Those looking to maximise their chances of coming home with a full Pokedex need to leave no stone unturned - especailly if you're after a hiding Krabby! One thing that really 'sparked' the interest of our trainers was the unusually high number of electric-type Pokemon in and around the park. You'll have to be lightning-fast if you're to catch one, but they're out and about nonetheless. Our trainers recommend using Torquay Holiday Park as a base to explore all the Pokemon hotspots that Torquay, the Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast Region has to offer. If you're a surfer, be sure to bring your board, get out amongst the waves, paddle hard and catch 'em all (the waves). 

Nearby Pokemon Hotspots:

  • Bells Beach
  • Amaze 'n Games
  • Adventure Park
  • Bellarine Railway 
Reported Pokemon sightings in and around Torquay Holiday Park:

Photo  Name Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
  | Cubone  | #104  | Normal
  | Krabby  | #98  | Water
  | Voltorb  | #100  | Electric
  | Magnemite  | #81  | Steel + Electric
  | Electrode  | #101  | Electric


So, what are you waiting for?
Book a Top Park and Pokemon GO for it!

Book a Top Park for your family Pokemon GO adventure - you won't regret it! Not keen on pitching a tent? Don't own a caravan? Why not hire an RV from a friendly local and catch 'em all day long with your family. 

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