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Our Favourite Kids Camping Accessories

Thursday 12th September 2019
By Ely Power
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By Ely Power
Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes your next family camping trip! While there is nothing as special as exploring the great outdoors with your little campers, remember that kids travel a little differently to their parents. It’s safe to say that camping with children demands slightly more consideration than an adults-only getaway.

Things never go quite as smooth when you bring kids camping - you’ll forget their beloved blanky, scuffs will break out in the back seat, someone will tread on nettles or a goanna will circle your camp table much to your toddler’s terror... But hey, it’s all part of the adventure! 

Quality kids camping gear won’t eliminate the inevitable mini-dramas, but it will ease everyone’s experience for a happy, disaster-free holiday. From fun camp games to comfy camping chairs, the right kids' accessories make a big difference. Combine them with an RV that sleeps the whole crew with space to spare and your family camping trip will be easier than ever before.

Whether you’re a hirer looking to make the most of the school holidays or an owner going the extra mile to deliver a five-star experience, we’ve gathered our favourite children’s camping gear for the ultimate family road trip. From car journey entertainment to handy campsite supplies, we’ll help you kit out the kids for an outdoor adventure they’ll always remember. 

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Getting There

Are your kids ready for adventure?
Photo by Anton Luzhkovsky on Unsplash

Car Seats & Organizers

It’s likely that your littlies will be sitting in the car for hours on end so for the sake of everyone involved, make sure that they are safe, comfortable and supported. We recommend bringing your toddler’s own car seat when you hire a motorhome or campervan, as they’ll be used to it. If you don’t have one already, check out this child car seat guide to help you pick the right one.

To parents who like to be super prepared: invest in a car seat organizer and you’ll never look back (both literally and figuratively). These carefully designed holders store everything your kid needs in one, easy-to-reach place! So simple, yet so effective.

Tablet Devices

Okay, we know that camping is all about disconnecting from the noise of everyday life. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch all technology as soon as you rev that engine, right? Right. Trust us, tablets are a godsend when it comes to long car journeys with restless young ‘uns. 

Thanks to age-appropriate apps that are as educational as they are engaging, you don’t need to feel guilty for giving your kid a device while road tripping. They’ll learn something new and you’ll get some peace and quiet (just don’t forget to bring headphones for their tiny ears). And if your RV has a WiFi unit, they can even stream their favourite Pixar movie without eating up data! 

Our top pick: Apple’s iPad mini

Road Trip Games

Of course, no extended car journey would be complete without some old school road trip games! First up is Road Trip Bingo. Before you hit the road, write up a list of things you’d expect to see on your route and arrange them into a different grid for each player. The first passenger to get four in a line yells ‘bingo’ to win! To give you an idea, if you’re driving deep into the Outback, include emus, creeks and crocs, as well as iconic landmarks like Uluru and Lake Eyre. 

Keep the kids entertained with a round of I Spy, which is great for tots too young to read and write. Basically, you have to guess what each player has seen from its first letter, like so: “I spy with my little eye something that starts with C…’’ Honestly, this one can keep going for hours!

Last but not least, Colour Spotto is an Aussie favourite. Ideal for younger passengers, the aim of the game is to spot 10 things in a certain colour (outside of the car). The kids can scribble down their sightings, racking up a point for each one. For a little challenge, we like to start with yellow. 

May the best family member win!


When the squeals and squabbles quieten down, send your little ones to sleep with the dulcet tones of an audiobook. These narratives are also an awesome way to entertain anyone who gets carsick while reading! Some local libraries let you borrow audiobooks online, or else you can download them onto your iPad through apps like Audible. 

Our top pick: Stephen Fry’s Harry Potter takes the gold, even when there are no kids in the car.

Their Favourite Toys

So this isn’t technically a camping accessory but it’s a critical inclusion nonetheless. You don’t want to be that parent frantically searching a random servo for any teddy bear that remotely resembles their little angel’s treasured ‘Mr. Fluffy’. 

Instead, avoid the separation woes by taking a few of their favourite toys with you. That way, your toddler stays comforted on long drives and can snuggle up to a familiar friend when they’re falling asleep far from home.

A word of warning: don’t leave anyone - living or stuffed - behind when you pack up camp and drive off to your next destination! We suggest a roll call for all kids and cuddly toys before each campsite exit.

During The Day
Time to enjoy the outdoors!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Floor Mat

A floor mat is a camping essential if there are any children around. Not only does it offer a safe crawling space for your wandering toddler and a clean surface for them to roll around on after bath time, but it is also designed to keep dirt, sand and muck out of your RV. That means no more worrying when the big kids return from a muddy day in the wilderness!

A must-have for any family camping trip, mats with mesh flooring are preferred by most holiday parks and camping grounds because they leave the grass unharmed.


If you plan to take the kids on any hiking excursions or day trips, it’s a good idea to equip them with a backpack of their own. Otherwise, you could very well end up lugging the whole family’s cargo all day long! 

When it comes to rucksacks for your rugrats, comfort is just as important as durability. For a smart investment, choose one with adjustable shoulder straps so that it can grow with your kid. Also, consider weight distribution - the heavier the gear, the greater the hunching and back pain so look for a supportive hip belt and back panel.


Now that you’re surrounded by Mother Nature, it’d be remiss not to get a closer look at her fascinating creations. So take your kids on a discovery walk to observe all sorts of animals and plants with their very own binoculars. And if you’re camping near a lake, river or ocean, you can even watch the underwater world from above with a specially designed telescope!

Our top picks: Educational Experience’s Kidnoculars and Education Insight’s Aquascope

Kids Camp Games

From old traditions to exciting additions, kids camp games get the whole family laughing, cooperating and competing. We’ve listed a few of our go-to camping games below:

Cards, Cards, Cards

No matter where you go camping, always pack at least two full decks of playing cards. Light and compact (at least before ‘52 pickup’!), cards are a staple feature of any camping trip. From beginner-friendly fun like “Go Fish” to fierce ‘Chasing Demon’ tournaments, card games are a winner for all ages.

There’s more to cards than just regular decks, as well. In fact, our favourite camping game hands down are Monopoly Deal - a travel-friendly, fast-paced and kid-friendly version of the iconic board game!


Essentially outdoor bowling, this Finnish log-tossing game promises addictive entertainment wherever you go. Race against each other to reach 50 points on the dot, using your throwing and maths skills to win. In fact, lots of Aussie primary schools are using Finska as a fun, interactive way to teach maths to little ones! 

Scavenger Hunt

Children love the thrill of the hunt! And this one can be themed to your campsite, with players having to gather items whose names start with each letter of the alphabet. Team each group of kids with an adult and embrace the challenge, competing to win Champions Of The Scavenge! 

Our top pick: Monopoly Deal

Fishing Rods, Canoes And Kayaks

If you’re an avid fishing fan, why not pack some mini fishing rods for your nippers? It’s not only a chance to catch some fresh dinner but an opportunity to teach them all about the circle of life and where our food comes from.

Take the aquatic adventure one step (or stroke) further with a two-person canoe or kayak! Perfect for splashing in the shallows, discovering hidden creeks and rowing around fishing hot spots, you’ll enjoy endless fun with your water babies.

First Aid Kit

Let’s face it: someone will trip, someone will feel carsick, someone will get sunburned. That’s why a first aid kit is a key ingredient for any successful family camping trip! To cover all the bases, we suggest curating your own kit at home before the holiday. 

Include things like mosquito repellent, disinfectant, bandaids, SPF 50 sunscreen, cold packs, aloe vera and painkillers. Prep well and nothing will be able to spoil your family adventure!

When The Sun Sets

Nothing beats smores by the campfire!
Photo by Michael Aleo on Unsplash

Camping Chairs

Gather your junior explorers around the campfire to tell heroic tales and roast marshmallows under the starry night sky. Oh wait, there are not enough seats for everyone. Cue the battle for a comfy spot above the cold, hard ground. Try to drown out the moans as you squeeze two siblings into one chair. Attempt to ignore the pain of a bony child plonking down on your knee. Had enough yet?

With kids camping chair for each of your troop, you can cosy up by the crackling flames in peace. Choose a comfortable design that is lightweight and foldable for easy transport! And why not top it off with a kids camp table for all of their games and gadgets?  

Camp Cooking Sets

When you have to store camp cooking gear for the whole family, you’ll want compact utensils that are also double duty. For instance, cups that also serve as bowls kill two birds with one stone. Follow this approach and you’ll save valuable space! 

When it comes to kid-friendly dining, use kitchenware that won’t shatter when dropped or burn little hands when heated up. That means no straight metal. Our third and final tip? Go for dining sets in various colours to avoid any arguments over whose hot chocolate is whose!


Whether your little human needs the bathroom in the middle of the night or has to search for their water bottle after lights out, a trusty headlamp helps them to get the job done no matter the hour (and hands-free!). Make sure to purchase one with a long battery life and loads of lumens.

The Sleeping Set Up

While your motorhome, campervan or caravan might have more than enough berths, your older kids may want to sleep even closer to nature - especially if it’s their first time camping in the great outdoors. So when it’s time to hit the hay, certain camping gear will make your life a lot easier. 


Child-sized swags are becoming more and more common these days, giving your kid a cosy nest of their own just steps away from you. Easy to set up, water-resistant and creepy crawly proof, swags are a great addition to any RV adventure. That said, the kids camping in bunk beds will probably get a better sleep on their comfy mattresses!


Who doesn’t love lying in a hammock? Probably more appropriate for daytime naps, this hanging cradle is ideal for any campers (both young and old) in need of an afternoon siesta. Just watch out for hammock hoggers!

Equipped with the kids camp gear inspiration above, you should be ready to brave your first camping trip with tots in tow. Feel like we’ve missed some key camping accessories? Leave a comment to help out your fellow parents - the more recommendations, the better!

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