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Family Travelling Australia Offsets Costs by Hiring Out Caravan

Thursday 30th November 2017
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
This family of five (kids aged 11, 14 and 16 years old) from the Netherlands decided to do as many Aussies do, travel around Australia in a caravan! They opted to travel in a 2017 Jayco Expanda which is the perfect family caravan to travel Australia in!

The family is making their way around Australia in just under a year (over 30,000km so far!), travelling from the Sunshine Coast  then southbound to Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Cairns and back to the coast then back down to Melbourne.

The family used the app “Polar Steps” to track their journey on a map!

The father of the family, Stefan, says “the whole trip has been very smooth” His favourite location they've visited so far is Rainbow Beach in Queensland. “Park the Jayco at edge of the beach and start driving on the beach!” 

Caravan parked near the beach. Rainbow Beach, Queensland

The family’s favourite food to cook is anything on a BBQ! Burgers, sausages, sliced potatoes and veggies! Classic Australian camping food.

Stefan and his family will be leaving their caravan in Melbourne to travel over to Tasmania. They decided to list their caravan on Camplify before they head over. They couldn’t fathom the cost of bring the car and caravan over on the ferry so leaving it on the mainland for another family to enjoy was the next best option.

Stefan says “Everyone should be able to have the pleasure of exploring all the beautiful sites Australia has to offer. It is a waste to just store the Jayco!” Stefan organised for Beacon Storage, in Melbourne,  to store the caravan whilst they are travelling Tasmania. They will offset much of their holiday costs by hiring out their caravan whilst enjoyingTasmania. 

You can rent Stefan's Jayco Expanda Caravan here. It's listed in peak period for $150/night. If you have a caravan like Stefans, you could be earning this amount too! Check out our calculator below to see how much you could earn!

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