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Camplify’s 6 Funny (But Useful!) Ways to Pet-Proof a Caravan

Thursday 17th December 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Thinking about hiring a caravan for your next holiday, but want to bring your pets along?

Or maybe you own a caravan and would like to make it pet-friendly before hiring it out to holidaymakers?

Whatever your situation, here are some useful tips and things to consider when looking to make a caravan great for pets as well as humans!

1. Caravan Upholstery

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If you happen to be renovating your caravan or RV with pet passengers in mind then leather or vinyl upholstery are the best options, as they are easy to clean and don’t absorb dirt or odours. If you’re worried about scratches then go for a distressed leather look.

A less expensive option is microfibre, which is easier to clean and remove pet hair from than regular cloth upholstery. If you’re not interested in reupholstering your furniture, then simply provide your campers with a throw rug, just in case their pet forgets that they aren’t allowed on the couch. When it comes to cleaning, baking soda is a great way to neutralise pet odours in your van’s furniture. Simply sprinkle liberally over the fabric using a brush to spread it around, leave overnight then vacuum the next day.


2. Flooring of your Caravan or RV

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Again, if you’re renovating, floorboards or vinyl are the easiest to clean and can look fantastic. Since campers (and their pets) tend to like getting down and dirty on holiday, you might want to leave a small broom, dustpan and flat mop so they can keep your van as clean as you would. No carpet in the living area. Just don’t.


3. Curtains vs blinds

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There are pros and cons for both curtains and blinds in your caravan or RV. Curtains are an economical option and although they tend to attract dirt and pet hair, they are easy to clean by simply throwing them in the wash.

If you prefer blinds, then it’s probably a good idea to steer away from plastic/aluminium horizontals as they break easily. Pets love the outdoors and will often destroy anything that prevents them from seeing out the window. Wooden or faux wooden blinds are a stylish and more durable choice, or if you have larger windows, vertical blinds can be a more cost effective option.


4. Stow away the garbage bin (and anything else tempting)

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Store the garbage bin in a secure cupboard, to avoid any ‘mishaps’ from hungry pets. It’s a good idea to do this even if there won’t be any pets occupying the van, because (as you probably know by now) anything not bolted down or latched shut will end up on the floor in pieces.


5. Camper Checklist

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To enhance the campers’ experience and protect your asset, leave them a checklist so they don’t forget to pack things like pet beds, food bowls, treats, toys, old towels, poop bags and a pet first aid kit. If you have any spare leads lying around, it’s always nice to leave a couple in the van (you can never have too many) and even an extra water bowl. Keeping their pets safe and entertained will ensure a fun holiday for them and a safe and clean return of your van!


6. Info/maps

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Now that you’ve pooch-proofed your van, it’s always nice to leave behind some handy tips and information about pet-friendly camping destinations, including maps. If you’re an experienced pet camper then share your own personal stories and advice or refer them to websites like or

So there you have it – 6 great ways to make your RV or caravan pet-friendly for your next camping trip.

If you enjoyed this list, please don’t forget to share it with your friends (and your pets!) Hehe

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