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Camplify COO Josh Fischer Talks Caravan Sharing & Holidays

Friday 19th February 2016
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Here at Camplify, we have a shared love of the outdoors and believe that every Australian deserves the chance to experience a caravanning holiday, regardless of whether or not they own a van. We recently had a chat with our wonderfully passionate COO Josh, about his role at Camplify and the bright future of caravan sharing...  


What are some operational challenges you face in your role at Camplify?

Josh: The operational role at Camplify is a really interesting one. No two days are the same and no two conversations are similar. I get to speak to all of our great owners as they inquire and think about putting their van on the site. They’ve naturally got lots of concerns so it’s really good to be able to have a chat to them, explain what we do and why we do it and overcome those concerns with detailed explanations especially on things like insurance.

Our hirers on the other hand, they just want to go on holiday. It does feel pretty great actually, helping people go on a holiday. Especially around Christmas, we took over 300 calls between the 20th and 24th! Although we couldn't help a lot of those people because we had every van out, those we could help, they were just so stoked, they just couldn't believe it. [We heard] things like: "Josh, you’ve just made our entire Christmas". It's a really good part of the job.

What excites you about being a part of the Camplify team?

Josh: I find Camplify amazingly exciting. It truly blows me away that a year ago this didn't exist and now someone can connect with an owner, have a wonderful experience, achieve a dream of going on caravanning holiday that they've never been out to, they've always been stuck in a tent or in a cabin. Also, our owners are making really good money, so it’s worthwhile for them. We’ve had little to nothing go wrong and the future of this is just unbelievable. Helping people go on holidays is really cool and helping people who have never been able to go on a caravanning holiday is very exciting.

I’m also excited about the opportunity to go overseas in the future and to make this a product of a worldwide content. A future where people move about just using Camplify and travel overseas specifically to use someone's van that they've heard about or that a mate’s used, and vice versa. All this, within a really secure and safe environment.

The community that we’re building, the reviews we hear; people leaving little boxes of roses chocolates with the keys at reception because they were just so stoked that they got to go on this trip. I can't wait to see where Camplify goes in the next year because what we’ve done so far is just unbelievable. It is just so exciting!

What are your favourite camping memories?

Josh: When I was a kid growing up, my brother and I would head off down to Catherine Hill Bay. It wasn't exciting as it is now – it was all mangroves and bit of a spot on the sand. I remember fighting with the huge tent with the 600 poles and of course the yellow tape and the double yellow tape; what did it really mean? It never really worked but still, we were always down at the beach playing.

I do remember my old man setting up a whole toilet scenario in the 6 x 4 trailer; the port-a-potty and the shower contraption. That just classic, everyone was so jealous that we had a toilet and a shower, even if it was just in the back of a trailer. Still, it’s nothing like what we've got today. The ability to go out there and get anything from a camper trailer for $40, right through to a van with TVs on the outside for $300! The opportunity to get it dropped off and just turn up and have a great time, that’s pretty cool. There are so many great vans out there and something to suit everyone’s needs.  

Ready to begin making your own caravanning memories?

Speak to Josh and the team today on 1300 416 133 about listing your RV, or sign up to hire here.  


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