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An RV Owner's Tips: Making Your Hirer's Experience Extraordinary!

Tuesday 5th April 2016
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Like most people, when registering our caravan for hire with Camplify, one of my first questions was “what do I need to provide the hirers with, in order for them to have an enjoyable experience and encourage them to hire from me again?”.

I guess you can look at it from a few different angles, as you are going to get a mix of people looking to hire. 

Firstly you have hirers with previous caravanning experience and who have all the gear that opens and shuts (for those who have met my hubby Matt, he definitely falls into this category and when travelling Australia last year, we were so well set up to cope with anything that was thrown at us).

Then there are the hirers who may be wanting to step up a level from camping to “glamping”and are quite well set up with most of the gear to get them on their way.

Last but not least, there are the people who have previously thought of the word “camping” or “caravan” as being a dirty word, however have been talked around and want to step out of their comfort zone and see what all of us RV lovers are raving about.

In order to make your hirer’s Camplify experience “camplitastic”, I suggest you leave everything in your RV in which you would normally use yourself, minus your personal belongings of course. It is great if you can provide them with not only the crockery, cutlery, pots and pans etc, however an outside table, BBQ and chairs also comes in handy and will encourage the hirer to do their cooking outside which is beneficial. A basic pantry for your hirers is also a great added bonus. Everyday pantry items like tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper and cooking spray for the barbie are greatly appreciated and often items people forget to buy when doing the groceries for their RV adventure. 

To help you gain a great reputation as a hosting owner, extras like bikes and fishing rods for example are great to throw in if you have spares. As a mad woman who sadly is obsessed with washing, I even like to throw in some laundry powder and pegs. As you can have full contact with the person hiring your van, it is often a good idea to ask them lots of questions eg. Do they want linen supplied at an extra cost? Are there any extras they can think of that they may need? For example, our van is set up for free camping and we have a generator so if I know that the van is going to be used for free camping, I am happy for the generator to go with it. You might not always have what the hirer asks for, but it shows you care by asking the question.

As a listed owner on Camplify, you don’t have to go overboard to create a memorable holiday for someone, but sometimes it is just a small gesture that will create a lasting impression. (Who wouldn’t love a bottle of bubbly waiting in the fridge for them for when they rock up at their destination – I know I would!!!!!!!!!!)

I hope this little guide is helpful. As a fellow RV owner and community manager at Camplify, I am committed to ensuring that our members (both owners & hirers) have amazing experiences when “sharing the caravan love”. 

I am also here to share my own experiences and answer any questions or concerns you have about listing your caravan or camper for hire. 

Happy camping!


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