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7 Reasons Peer-to-Peer Caravan Hire & RV Sharing Communities are Changing Camping Forever

Sunday 18th October 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
The whole caravan holiday experience is a broken sea of opportunity, waiting to be fixed. 

  • Buying and maintaining a caravan is expensive. Many families are not able to experience the joys of camping because they simply cannot afford it.
  • Local caravan hire companies are struggling to keep up with their customer’s ravenous hunger for choice. They are also struggling to find effective ways to market their businesses in the competitive digital age.
  • Holiday parks are crying out for an innovative solution to help them attract more bookings.
The basic graphic below shows why sharing economy caravan hire services (like Camplify) are going to transform camping holidays forever.

Here are 7 very good reasons why Caravan Sharing Communities like Camplify will solve this problem and create a new trend in the market.

1. Purchasing & Owning a Caravan or Campervan Can Be Expensive Compared to
Hiring One Occasionally

The average price of a new caravan in Australia is approximately $50,000 (Give or take). The average cost of running, servicing & insuring a caravan is about $1500 per year. Many people cannot afford to buy a caravan even if they want to go on a caravanning holiday. It can make a lot more sense to hire a caravan instead of buying one. Especially if you’re only able to get away a few times per year.

2. The Demand for Holidays in a Hired Caravan or Camper is Stronger than Ever

Camping is fun! Way more fun than being holed up in a hotel room for 2 weeks with the kids. This is evident by the “Booked Out” status of most Australian holiday parks during the peak times of year.

Hundreds of holiday parks across the country are already seeing an influx of caravans, campervans & motorhomes that have been rented through commercial hire companies in their local area. Caravan hire is already a “popular thing”. No question about that.

3. Consumers Are Warming to the Sharing Economy at a Rapid Rate. 

Other peer to peer sharing services (Like AirBnb) have opened many people up to the idea of hiring out their stuff to other people &/or hiring other people’s stuff.

People these days are much more comfortable connecting with strangers. Especially when social networks and peer-to-peer site profiles provide transparency & reviews from previous users. As far as peer-to-peer caravan hire services go; Online payment security & tricky insurance concerns are all becoming things of the past in this digital age.

From a business perspective, there are still plenty of opportunities to “Be the AirBnb” of an industry. The time is now for awesome peer-to-peer companies to emerge, disrupt and prosper.

4. People LOVE Variety. It’s the Spice of Life, Right?

Caravan & camper sharing services like Camplify provide people with an opportunity to experience variety in their holidays. When you stay at a hotel, you kind of know what to expect. Of course, consistency is a big reason why many large companies have built great success.

However, the sense of adventure that comes from staying in someone else’s space (or hiring their caravan) is obviously appealing to a growing number of human beings. People love experiencing places & things with “character”. AirBnb’s success is testament to that.

5. The Technology in Modern Caravans & Motorhomes is Pretty Amazing.

A camping holiday doesn’t equal less comfortable holiday. Modern caravans, motorhomes & campervans have all the bells and whistles. A caravanning holiday doesn’t have to be a “Roughing it” experience nowadays. Many of the new models of caravans have more features & are just as comfortable as a nice hotel room.

6. We Need to Disconnect

Contradictory to the previous point, we do need a break from modern technology occasionally!

Today’s busy digital World calls for us all to disconnect & get back in touch with nature. Back in touch with our childhood roots of playing outdoors with no technology. Just a camp fire and great conversation. The health benefits of “Disconnecting” are numerous. More & more people are looking for ways to clear their mind & take a break from device screens. You only need to take a walk past all the new wellness & meditation centres in your suburb to realise this growing trend.

7. Local Caravan Hire Companies & Holiday Parks Need Support While Consumers Want Choice

As I mentioned earlier in this article, caravan hire is already a “popular thing”. One only needs to perform a quick Google search for “Caravan Hire + Your Suburb” to discover local dealers & commercial hire companies with caravans, motorhomes & camper trailers for hire.

Problem is though, these are predominantly small local businesses. Small businesses mean limited marketing budgets, which means less leverage on a State or National scale. Many of the commercial RV rental companies we’ve met with are frustrated because they don’t feel like they can afford to advertise competitively in today’s competitive digital space.

Most of these companies also have relatively small hire fleets. Small fleets mean less choice for holidaymakers looking to hire a caravan. If these holidaymakers had more to choose from, maybe they’d go camping more often. I’m sure that would also make caravan park owners a lot happier!

So the current model for renting a caravan, campervan, motorhome or camper trailer from a commercial hire company is broken. It is apparent that;

  • The local RV hire companies aren’t able to grow as they’d like to.
  • People looking to hire an RV aren’t spoilt for choice, so they’re likely to go on less caravanning trips.
  • Caravan parks could be getting more people through their doors if hiring a caravan was easier

Do We Think Everybody Should Just Stop Buying Caravans and Hire Instead? Absolutely NOT. 

For those of you who have the money & can get away often – buying a caravan can make perfect financial sense. When you’re getting good use out of your RV and creating amazing memories with it, the costs are irrelevant – right?

Of course, you can always hire out your caravan while you’re not using it to offset some of the costs. Go on, go list your caravan for hire now. I’ll wait right here. Hehe, there is my mandatory Camplify sales pitch. Couldn’t help myself

Seriously though… At Camplify, we know (from our extensive market research) that only a fraction of people who like camping are actually going caravanning regularly. Why? Because currently, organising a camping holiday can be complicated and expensive.

We’re about solving this problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could jump online, book an awesome caravan + a holiday park within minutes, then just rock up to the park and everything is set-up for your holiday? No having to worry about towing if you didn’t want to, no packing up tents, less time wasted on researching for your holiday.

Our mission is to provide this solution.

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I’d love to hear your opinion on how you think peer-to-peer caravan hire & RV sharing communities are going to change the camping industry. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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