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7 Easy Tips to Take Your Trip From Tramp to Glamp

Wednesday 9th December 2015
By Sarah Hales
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By Sarah Hales
Camping and caravanning can be glamorous but it doesn’t need to be hard work or blow the budget. With a bit of know-how, you will be well on your way to cut-above camping times:


1. First off, a doormat and bunting are essential for glamping. Keep the dirt and dust out. The bunting indicates to campers that you are glamping and will not be drawn to the dark side.

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2. Invest in a portable hammock that you can hang from some branches. Everyone will be jealous.


3. Pack some ingredients for easy (but posh) cocktails. That sounds like Pimm’s o’clock to me. All you need is your fruit of choice (I like cucumber and strawberry), Pimm’s, Lemonade, ice and something to put it in. Mix it all together and enjoy (in the hammock).

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4. Bring some scented candles and enclose them in some stylish lanterns – style and safety in one. Throw in a few citronella candles to help keep the mosquitos at bay.


5. Portable speakers and music to get the ambience just right. No one wants to listen to some amateur murdering the classics on an acoustic – this is glamping, people.

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6. Plan out the food to your taste, go as gourmet as possible, and keep the cheese plates coming.


7. Finally, maximize the comfort in your sleeping-quarters. Glamping requires maximum pillows, at least four person. Throw rugs and eye-masks are not optional. Don’t scrimp, you need your beauty rest.

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If you don’t enjoy yourself after all this, it’s because you forgot the bunting!

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