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6 Families Travelling Australia Living the New Australian Dream

Monday 12th March 2018
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
The Australian dream is changing! Where once the idea of owning a house and having kids was what most people worked towards is no longer. Houses prices have skyrocketed and Mum, Dads and families don’t want to wait until they are retired to travel, they are doing it now! Camplify follows many families that are living the new Australian dream, here’s 6 families that produce fantastic photos, videos and tips on how you can do it too!

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Trip In A Van

This family of 5 worked hard (well Mum & Dad did!) to save for their first lap of Australia back in 2016. Their second lap was mostly funded by their hard work in partnering with brands and creating fantastic, relevant content. Bec and Justin are a down-to-earth couple that continue to inspire other families who are planning their own laps of Australia. They’ll be upgrading their caravan in March, and listing their old caravan on Camplify so you could have the opportunity to hire out their awesome van! Keep your eyes out for when it's listed! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website

The Blonde Nomads

This family decided the 9-5 grind was not them so they sold their house,  possessions and hit the road! They bought a Jayco Starcraft caravan and like to slowly travel around the country taking in the beautiful sites Australia has to offer! Rob, Tracy, Marli and Ziggy share their adventures through their social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and their website, inspiring other young families that it is possible to travel Australia with kids.

Caravan of Crazy

This amazing family of 6 have been travelling Australia for years now in their very nicely converted Viscount Caravan.  They saved up everything that had to fund their trip and they say their kids have learnt so many invaluable life lessons from the trip. Their advice to anyone planning on doing something similar is JUST DO IT! You’ll only regret not doing it sooner! Make sure you follow their journey via their Facebook to keep up with what they’re getting up to!

The Wandering Steels

This family of four from Victoria have quit the daily grind to explore what Australia has to offer. The family want to showcase how life is on the road with a family. In 2017 they hit the road indefinitely to see the sights and live life on road dream. They visit as many free camps and national parks as they can and do heaps of hiking and mountain biking. They are passionate about sharing their travelling hints and gems with others, as well as blogging about a natural and healthy lifestyle. Follow their journey via their Facebook page and Instagram!

The Lap Year

This family left in January 2018, embarking on a long awaited journey around Australia! They are documenting their epic journey via their website and Facebook, providing tips and tricks along the way. They aim to inspire others to leap into the unknown and take your own lap year!

Meandering Around Australia

Mick and Sam and their two young girls travel Australia with their Toyota Prado towing a Patriot X1 camper trailer. This allows them to go off-road and travel to some magnificence spots you can’t visit without a 4wd! They just come home from their trip of Oz but still have updates on great places to visit. Follow their journey on Facebook.


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