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25 of Earth's Best Caravan & Campervan Cakes

Thursday 17th August 2017
By Cam Donovan
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By Cam Donovan
OK, we admit it: we’re RV-obsessed. But here at Camplify, we’re all about sharing our passion for everything camping and caravanning related. What better way to do just that than with an entire blog post dedicated to mouthwatering cakes… in the shape of our beloved caravans, motorhomes, and campervans?

Cakes, as we know ‘em today, have come a long way. What was referred to as a cake, back in the day, could easily be mistaken for modern-day fruit bread. That’s not to say our ancestors lacked talent in the kitchen, but inferior technology and the price tag on refined sugar at the time put a real dampener on creativity.

Today, cakes have taken on a new life — literally, have you seen this life-sized Prince George cake? We wish we knew who to thank for creating the world’s first caravan-shaped cake, but we’re thrilled to see we aren’t the only ones who appreciate such a brilliant culinary masterpiece. And despite how good we’ve become at baking cakes, the significance of these lip-smacking works of art have stayed true to their roots. When we think of cake, we think of celebration!

So to celebrate our love of caravans and camping food, we scoured the web for the very best RV-inspired cake creations for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado, here are the most delicious-looking campervan, motorhome, and caravan cakes we could find on planet Earth. You’ve been warned: these cakes will make you a very happy, but hungry camper!

By the way, why don't we get started with a little timelapse video!? Have you seen this awesome time-lapse of our very own Airstream caravan cake that we made? 


Earth’s Best Caravan and Campervan Cakes


25. Hold your horses, mate. There’s enough of this delish caravan cake to go around


Sarah Garland is the owner of The Crafty Kitchen, a home-based bakery out of South Wales. She has a passion for all things crafty, but her excellence in the world of baked goods stems from her ability to create custom designs that speak distinctly to each and every one of her clients. This cake’s design, in particular, stands the test of time with both antique and modern touches. We especially appreciate the detailed workmanship of the horse’s harness.

24. Hands down, the longest caravan to be made into a cake

The overall presentation of this truck and trailer cake is solid. For starters, it’s probably the longest 5th wheeler we’ve seen made into a cake. But quality was never compromised with this one, as shown by the trailer’s clean lines and smooth finish. We also love the location of the campsite — what’s more exciting than camping at the top of a waterfall?

23. A delectable caravan cake to celebrate the small pleasures in life

Mother and Me Creative Cakes are a mother-daughter duo based out of southern England. Their shared passion for cake making are what make them so successful. In the past four years, they’ve placed Top 3 at the Cake International competition in London, England. They impressed us with this caravan cake because we’re all about enjoying the simple life, and this cake illustrates just that. Here’s a simple man, happy in his Crocs, and caravanning the world with his dog.

22. The original airstream travel trailer with a hippie twist

We couldn’t create this list and not include the famous aluminium-constructed airstream trailer cake. This one’s made by Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town, South Africa. With their own feature TV documentary series called Charly’s Cake Angels, they’re pretty well-known both at home and around the world. We really enjoy the simplicity of this airstream cake, letting the iconic trailer speak for itself. The subtle nod to flower power is appreciated too, but what really makes this one stand out from the rest is its authentically shiny tin exterior.


21. Stay fueled on the open road with this eye-catching car and caravan-shaped cake

Calling all luxury roadtrippers: this is the cake for you. The Cake Works, a cake designer from Darlington, England, perfected this cake in the shape of a Louisiana Senator. What caught our eye was the unique choice of car and caravan, rather than the typical (but loveable) VW Kombi van. It’s the accurate representation of the vehicles, paired with the masterful techniques used that make this cake a real winner.

20. The annual long weekend road trip with the fam jam

Can you believe that each and every figurine on this cake was handmade out of gumpaste? Although Marley regrets not having enough time to finish decking out the caravan, we still fell in love with this adorable cartoon family. This cake brought back some nostalgia for the good ol’ days when we were young and wild and free. Maybe it’s time we called up the in-laws for that long-overdue fam jam.


19. A drool-worthy blue and white motorhome cake

This motorhome-shaped cake may not look like the most exciting one from the bunch, but that’s exactly why we like it. Its understated design, with the motorhome displayed as if it were cruising down the interstate, as well as the muted hues of blue, make this cake eye-catching in its own right. Those wheels also merit admiration — just look at those rims. If there are any amateur cake artists out there, this would probably be a good one to use for inspiration or as a guide.

18. When the pets decide to take the trailer out for a picnic without you

Remember when we used to wonder what our pets were up to when we weren’t home? Maybe one of their adventures went down like this. The appeal of this cake easily lies in the story it tells, but we’re also pretty crazy about those gumpaste animals. Just look at that cool cat. Can your pet pull off sunnies like that? Thanks to this cake, our next outing with the trailer will definitely include a picnic.

17. The grass ain’t greener on the other side with this nutritious caravan cake

Even though this caravan cake is likely made entirely out of sugary goodness, we feel way less guilty about it thanks to those mini garden veggies. In fact, it’s the precision of each and every one of these miniatures that take this cake to the next level. The trailer itself is simple, but we love what this cake stands for: no matter how you do it, find a way to get in touch with nature. You won’t regret it.

16. A caravanning-inspired cake so hot it’ll catch on fire

This is a real showstopping, caravanning-inspired cake. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of innovation catch fire in the world of cake decorating and culinary art. Laura from New Jersey, USA, used real candles hidden underneath pieces of fondant firewood to build the working campfire. This cake gets big ups for being totally unique, and although the fire is the main event, the cake as whole still stands on its own thanks to the thoughtful design and clean execution.

15. When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, but still have your priorities straight

This caravan-inspired cake exposes a reality that most people probably don’t want to admit. No need for a show of hands, but you know who you are. It’s getting late, you’ve had a bit too much amber fluid, and there’s nothing that’ll satisfy your taste buds like a KFC bucket meal. It’s too bad we don’t know who baked this cake, but we definitely appreciate the little details that make this cake a real favourite of ours.

14. The ‘3 Under 5’ Family made into a scrumptious camping-themed cake

Who knows if this family has more than one child and if so, where they may have run off to, but this too cute to eat camping-themed cake certainly earns a top spot on our list. We’ve probably all shared a campsite with one of these young families at least once, so we know the state of affairs in this reproduction is rather optimistic. Nevertheless, we want to give this cake the attention it deserves for using such vibrant pops of colour to create the perfect beachside campsite.

13. A celebratory throwback cake to the gypsy caravans of the Roma people

We had to include this old school caravan-shaped cake, not only for the enchanting gypsy vibes that it brings, but for the sheer mastery of it. Who knew fondant could look so realistic? And check out the watercolour effect in the grass. We wish we were based in Cirencester, England, just so we could ask professional cake designer, Margaret Davies to bring our gypsy dreams to life!

12. Zoinks! Get ready for a throwback with this Scooby-Doo themed caravan cake

We know we aren’t the only ones who feel the wave of nostalgia, seeing our favourite Great Dane, the gang, and the Mystery Machine made into a delightful treat. It seems us Aussies are quite fond of Scooby, as there is a real world Mystery Machine navigating the streets of Gold Coast. We think Robyn, from Robyn Loves Cakes in Florida, USA, did a terrific job modelling the van. Our favourite thing is how accurate each of the characters’ facial expressions are, especially Scooby and Shaggy.

11. This metallic Kombi van cake is giving us serious summer vibes

Lorraine and Iain, from Passion for Cakes, are wedding cake specialists based near Cairns, QLD. This super cute Kombi van cake is a result of their combined 40 years of experience in the industry. This cake is a winner for its ability to make us feel as though we’re really on a beach getaway. The sand looks soft, and its beautiful golden colour gives off a sheen as if the sun is high up in the sky. So although the design of this cake is very basic, the overall presentation of this cake screams professional.

10. This peachy Kombi van cake hits all the right notes

It’s all in the details with this beachy caravan-inspired cake. Apparently, the recipient of the cake was an avid caravanner and a piano teacher, so it’s clear to see how perfect this design was for the occasion. The Kombi van is a no-brainer, but using a piano keyboard for the road is super clever. And although the rocks, shells, and branches aren’t edible, they certainly add liveliness to the cake.

9. Blossom out into the Great Outdoors with this tasty VW Kombi cake

Dee from Dee’s Cake Surprises is an artist and cake designer who works out of Portsmouth, England. She loves the challenge of cake decorating, and how with each new design she creates, she’s pushing the boundaries of her talents and imagination. This dainty caravan cake was made for Maysie’s 18th birthday, an adventure-loving guitarist. We think the colour choices used really fit the vibes of the cake, and the pearlescent flower centers are perfect accents.

8. Hold on to the honeymoon stage with this lovely road trip-inspired wedding cake

Without a shred of doubt, any wanderlusting newlyweds would be over the moon with this wedding cake. Everything about it got us googly-eyed, from the genuine expressions of love on the bride and groom’s candied-faces, the old-fashioned ports (especially the white one with the buckles and the rope handle), and of course, the darling pooches. If only we could tell the creative mastermind behind this cake just how ace we think it is!


7. A charming caravan cake celebrating the golden anniversary of a grey nomad couple

Don’t we all wish to spend the rest of our lives on the road with our nearest and dearest? Just like this grey nomad couple, we’d have all the time in the world to explore the best of Mother Nature. This caravan cake not only gives us the warm-and-fuzzies, but we’re also thoroughly impressed with the quality of each of the elements included on this cake. The golf clubs, the wellies, and even the tablecloth are all delicately trimmed and carved.

6. Feel the love with this Valentine’s Day gingerbread caravan cake

Love is in the air! If you want to leave your caravan-loving sweetheart gobsmacked, this is how we’d recommend doing so. Not many caravan cakes are made with gingerbread either, so this creation earns top marks for doing something different. The standout feature of this cake is the variety of confectionery used — there are sticks of rock, red hot hearts, and if you look closely, the doormat is made out of a jelly watermelon slice.

5. You better bundle up before taking a bite into this snowy campervan cake

Brr… it’s cold in here! Baking out of Cambridge, England, Helenmarie is the talent behind this campervan cake. She specializes in cake art and strives to create one-of-a-kind cakes for her clients. Apparently, the birthday boy is nicknamed Moose (hence the gumpaste moose in the driver’s seat), and this cake incorporates all of his favourite things. We love the festive take on the iconic VW Kombi in this fire engine red colour, and the van itself looks faultless. The subtle but obligatory birthday aging humour on the caution sign is a great touch too.

4. Surf’s up! This purple campervan-shaped cake is sure to win the hearts of all surf-loving free spirits

Image: Catcakes

Two sisters, Cati and Laura, out of Madrid, Spain, are the superstars behind the Catcakes brand. The business endeavour started as a means for artistic expression, but now, the duo are dedicated to sharing their passion for cake decorating with the world. The various shades of purple are pleasing to the eye, and each and every flower is meticulously shaped. We think this purple campervan cake pulls off simple yet elegant better than any other.

3. A whimsical caravan cake to feed your wanderlust

Now this is what we call sugar and spice and everything nice. This pretty in pink ca cake embodies glamping at its finest: snags on the barbie, bottles of bubbly, and even a fruit cake (whoa cake-ception). Credit for this one goes to Jacqui Taylor, a stay-at-home mum and aspiring baker. We couldn’t help but fall for her sweet and delicate rendition of life on the road, but the obvious artistry of this cake is what stole the show.

2. A bright and cheerful tiered Barbie and Ken wedding cake topped with a classic VW Kombi

A happily ever after is pretty much guaranteed when you have a wedding cake like this one. In fact, just looking at it will likely bring joy to even the grumpiest camper on a rainy day. We love this cake by Lynette Horner, a baker based in Yorkshire, England, because its two-tiered nature thoroughly showcases the amount of talent and creativity that went into this achievement. Our favourite element of this design is obviously the classic VW Kombi topper, but Barbie and Ken deserve a shout out too — they still look as young as ever.

1. This yummy motorhome cake will make you want to binge watch Breaking Bad all over again

This Breaking Bad themed cake by Lisa, from Ava Rose Cakes, won our hearts the second we laid eyes on it. It’s clever, thoughtfully crafted, and come on, just look at mini Walter and mini Jesse — how could you resist them? We couldn’t find a single bad thing to say about this cake, we really love it all. The colour accuracy is spot on, the attention to detail on both the motorhome and the handmade figurines is flawless, and overall, this cake just ticks all the boxes. Ultimately, it combines everything we love (caravanning, cake, and Breaking Bad, in that order) into an edible masterpiece.

And that brings us to the end of our roundup of the finest motorhome, caravan, and campervan-shaped cakes this world has ever seen. We wish we could feature all of the camping and caravanning-inspired cakes out there, but we worked hard to narrow it down because you deserve only the best of the best. If you think you’ve seen, made, or eaten one as impressive as the ones on this list, we’d love to see it! Please feel free to share it with us and the RV community via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Now… on a scale of 1 to 10, how hungry are you?

If, like us, you were drooling by the third cake, we’ve got your fix. Why not try your hand at making your very own RV-themed cake? Not to worry, even if this will be the first thing you’ve ever baked. At the very least, this recipe calls for a simple sponge cake as a base, but then the rest can be as easy or as difficult as your imagination (and baking skills) will allow. Just think, your dream van could be made into an edible reality… Good luck!


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