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15 of The Best Camping & Caravan Holiday Locations in Australia

Friday 2nd March 2018
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Australia has so many amazing camping destinations, sometimes its hard to choose a camping spot! Here's a list of some well-known great camping locations to get you started!

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The Blue Mountains

You know they’re not actually blue, but still, you’re curious…

You may not realise it now, but you’re a thrill seeker. You want to scale towering mountains, then delve into the subterranean and gaze in wonder at the spectacular Jenolan Caves. You want to test your courage in a gliding cable car and then again on the world’s steepest passenger railway through the lush rainforest of Jamison Valley.

Once your adrenalin supply is tapped out, you should hit up one of the many bathhouses or spa retreats for a massage or relaxing swim.


Port Arthur

Image: Innkeepers

You’re a history buff with a penchant for breathtaking sea cliffs, but none of that is going to matter once you find out there’s a gin, vodka and whiskey distillery in these here parts. Perhaps leave that bit until the end of your trip. In the meantime you can take a ghost tour around the World Heritage Listed site, discovering the dark history behind it.

If you’re feeling energetic, tackle the stairs down from Maingon Bay to Remarkable Cave, or take the bush walk to Cape Raoul and marvel at the stunning seaside rock formations.


The Barossa Valley

“Be Consumed”. Then consume everything in sight. Yes, there are lots of other beautiful places to visit in South Australia; the Limestone Coast, the Eyre Peninsula, the Adelaide Hills. SA has beauty abounding in its rivers, beaches and natural wonders, but you don’t go there for all that.

You’re a full-time foodie who’s looking to gorge on delicious culinary delights and sample (drink lots of) award winning wines and the Barossa is one of the best places in Australia to do just that.


The Great Ocean Road

There’s only one destination on this road trip that you’re really pumped for. On the way there, you might as well stop in at those surf beaches everyone raves about, see a few koalas at some famous national park and have a gander at that bunch of Apostles standing in the water. Those charming little coastal towns will hold no allure for you. You could take or leave the rainforest walks, the waterfalls and the gorgeous coastal lookouts. 

The one and only experience that is going to blow your mind will be your visit to the lighthouse from Round the Twist! Best. Holiday. Ever. 


Port Stephens

If only your caravan were also a boat, then you’d never have to leave the water! Maybe you should buy a houseboat, then you could have a pet dolphin! These are the kinds of thoughts that enter your mind when you’re visiting Port Stephens. If you’re looking for the perfect coastal camping destination, you’ve found it right here. 

You can swim, surf and snorkel at any of the 26 golden beaches, then go sand boarding or 4Wding over the Stockton sand dunes. After that, take a cruise or go sailing around the bays, but don’t forget to keep your eye out for your future pet Flipper and his whale buddies.


The Tarkine

One word: Wilderness. Obviously you must complete the circuit of historic pioneer towns in Tassie’s west and soak up the required amount of historical history. After that it is expected that you revel in the solitude and beauty of a sunset at Strahan’s Ocean Beach — when a beach is 33 km long, it’s not hard to find your own space.

Then – only then,  may you venture into the wild. The Tarkine comprises 477,000 hectares of untouched wilderness and unique habitats you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Walk it or drive it; you’ll never forget it.


The Gold Coast

Resorts, rainforests and rides. Nuff said. Seriously, what more could you ever want from a camping holiday? You can park your van at some of the most luxurious holiday parks in the country and get that resort experience for a fraction of the price.

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time for some adventure! Hitting the theme parks is a blast at any age, even if you left the kids at home this time. What to do next? Take a leisurely stroll amongst the tall trees in the lush Tamborine Rainforest? Maybe. If that sounds too strenuous, then conserve your precious energy by lazing on the beach. You’re going to need it to keep up with the nightlife here.


The Kimberley

Remember to check for crocs before you go swimming!

The Broome & Kimberley area is larger than 75% of the world’s countries, yet you won’t find a bustling metropolis here. What you will find however, is the stunning spiritual home of the oldest living culture on Earth.

The Kimberly is characterised by rugged mountains and massive stretches of isolated wilderness, punctuated by lush desert oases (Some of which you can even swim in without being eaten). Of course, no trip to The Kimberley is complete without stopping by Broome and checking out the famous Cable Beach.


The Grampians

Image: Timbo

Is your idea of a relaxing holiday scaling a mountain or two? You’ll have more than a few to choose from in this rugged, rocky Victorian National Park. You don’t like being bored on holiday, so your to-do list for day one is something like: go abseiling, swim under a waterfall, walk up to the nearest lookout, get up close with the local wildlife, stroll amongst the wildflowers, devour the gourmet local produce and squeeze in some premium wine tasting.

Halls Gap has some fantastic camping accommodation and is the perfect little town to base your adventures from. Don’t leave without seeing the fascinating Aboriginal history displays at the Brambuk cultural centre and wondering at the ancient rock art dotted all over the area.


Jervis Bay

Image: Visit NSW

Water sports are kinda your thang, so when it comes to picking holiday destinations, surf, sand and sun are essential. Whether you’re into kite boarding, paddling, surfing, diving, skiing or simply floating, the endless stretches of white sand and turquoise water in Jervis Bay have got you covered.

Occasionally you like to emerge from the water; you know, so your skin doesn’t get all pruney. While you’re passing time on dry land you should probably check out the remarkable Booderee National Park. The gardens there are the only Aboriginal owned botanic gardens in Australia, meaning visitors can experience guided tours from rangers who truly call this area home.


The Daintree

You could build a tree house and live here, nobody would know… Of course you would be permanently wet, they don’t call it a rainforest for nothing.

For urban visitors, the untamed tropical wilderness of the Daintree feels unearthly; it simply could not be further removed from the everyday. Here you are surrounded by some of the most beautifully fragile ecosystems in the world and you’re able to discover their significance through a wide range of culturally enriching tours. If the forest gets too hot and steamy for you, cool off at the nearest beach and go snorkelling in the famous Great Barrier Reef.


Wilson’s Promontory

You’re dying for someone to ask you to the prom. Be patient; if it’s meant to be, it will be. Then you’ll get to experience the secluded beaches and open rainforest trails of the southernmost point of mainland Australia.

Wilson’s Prom has been a favourite amongst Victorian campers for generations and it’s not hard to see why. Settle in at the bustling Tidal River Campground and you’ve got the perfect base to explore the Prom. From here, experts and novices alike can enjoy any number of beautiful hikes, day walks and bike trails. On your lazy days you might just want to take your boogie board to the famous Squeaky Beach, then head back to camp and relax with some popcorn at the open air cinema.



Image: Escape

You’ve always wanted to see Australia the way it looks on telly: red dirt, cascading waterfalls, authentic indigenous culture, towering termite mounds and gigantic saltwater crocodiles (ok, maybe you could survive without seeing the crocs).

Kakadu & Arnhem Land have some of the best bush camping spots in the country. You can park your van amidst the untouched National Park by night and go adventuring in the outback by day. It’s not hard to see why this area is such a popular worldwide tourist destination.


Cradle Mountain

Image: Barakuba

If only you could take your caravan on the Overland Track.

The Cradle Mountain—Lake St Clair National Park boasts an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem, with grassland and rainforest habitats hosting such unique Australian wildlife as the Tasmanian devil, platypus and echidna.

If you’re a mainlander, this World Heritage Area is a must-see and definitely worth the one hour flight across the Tasman. Even the ten hour Spirit crossing will feel like time well spent when you’re standing atop the Cradle Mountain summit, overlooking the exquisite surrounds of Dove Lake.


Margaret River

Drinking wine from 10am without judgement… Can I live here?

You must admit, you did just come here for the food and wine, but who knew there was so much else to do? Apparently there are famous surf beaches, hiking and riding tracks, caves, whales, wildflowers — whoa, you’d better calm down and have a drink first. Or three.

Honestly, you’re not even sure you’ll be able to hit up the galleries or the shops. With the unlimited supply of wineries, breweries and gourmet restaurants to visit, your holiday calendar is looking pretty chockers!


So, which of these amazing Aussie destinations are you going to visit for your next camping holiday? If you need a hand with accommodation, we have hundreds of caravans & campers for you to hire from private owners in all parts of Australia. Find your perfect RV to hire here


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