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11 Awesome (No, Unbelievable!) Caravan Renovations & Makeovers

Monday 16th November 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy

Modern caravans are often incredibly luxurious, but older models and vintage caravans usually suffered from a function over style problem. In addition caravans have a tendency to look aged – often before their time.

A solution is to renovate or give your caravan a makeover.

Here are 11 caravan renovation ideas that we have found to give you some inspiration. They range from the simple, to the ludicrously brilliant.

1. The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper

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This quirky caravan was built by Glen Wills and Christine Bree, who come from Brisbane. The eye-catching design makes it unique, while inside you will there is a double bed, television, and loads of other modern equipment and accessories – like LED lighting.

2. Out With The Tired, In With The New

Busy mum of three Yvette Wilson and her husband wanted a caravan that they could stay in on their plot of land by the beach. The only problem was the caravan they bought was awful. It was dark, tired, and dreary, with decorative features that would make it onto any “worst designs of the 1970s” list.

Yvette and her husband replaced everything from the kitchens to the floors. They painted all the wood white to brighten up the space, and reupholstered all the couches. And they did it on a budget by doing most of the work themselves, and using salvaged items where possible, rather than buying new. It was worth it.

3. Everything You Need

This custom made design is powered by electricity, is built on bike parts, but has space for the all-important surf board. It is unusual and probably a one-off, but we like it.

4. The Nautical Theme

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This tiny space is made to feel bigger with the bright white colour scheme, and it is given an irresistible charm with the nautical theme.

5. Brightening Up The Smallest Of Spaces

With this caravan renovation, it was the small things that counted. This includes handles on the doors in the kitchen, and the covers for the cushions and seats. The result is a bright and comfortable space.

6. Cute and Cosy

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It’s amazing what a bit of paint and colour can do, and this vintage trailer is the perfect example. It has loads of retro charm, but it is clean, bright and easy to live with.

7. Country Chic

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Smallest Of Spaces. The mismatched and colourful patterns are intoxicating – it’s a place to drink tea, eat cake, and watch the world go by. We love it!

8. Flower Power

Two Swedish stylists and interior designs created this fun, girly and inviting caravan. It is the perfect example of how small changes can have a dramatic impact on the overall effect.

9. The Head Turner

This caravan was manufactured in 1964 and by the time Kris Wade got hold of it, it had seen better days. It was tired, grubby, and completely forgettable. But with some help from his friends Kris was able to create this piece of retro kitsch brilliance.

The bold red on the outside ensures that it is never missed again. On the inside a lick of paint cleaned up the panels, cabinets and walls, everything was cleaned, and the curtains, covers and cushions were all replaced.

10. Pretty In Pink

The inspiration for this vintage caravan makeover was Audrey Hepburn, the great actress of the silver screen. She once said: “I believe in pink. I believe in kissing……a lot. And I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls”. So Tiffany, the owner of this caravan, made it baby pink.

Many of the original features are maintained, but it has lots of soft luxurious additions, and everything has been brightened and freshened up. Plus we love the farm girl theme.

11. A Whimsical Facelift

Monique Williams transformed this retro caravan by giving it a thorough clean, and replacing some fittings. A bright colour scheme makes it look fun and inviting, but it shows that a retro style can work well with a bit of care and attention.

Have you renovated a caravan or given it a makeover – we would love to see the pictures. Doing up your caravan will make it more enjoyable to spend time in, and it can improve your chances of selling it at the right price, if that is what you are minded to do. A tastefully renovated caravan is also the best way to attract a higher nightly price when hiring it out.


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