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10 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping in Winter

Thursday 28th June 2018
By Ely Power
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By Ely Power
Winter may not seem like the best time to explore the great outdoors but here in Australia, you can enjoy camping during the cooler months in most places. Let’s face it, we’re not dealing with unbearable lows like our friends over in Canada (-30 degrees celsius? No thank you!). 

So pack up the RV with some cosy comforts and discover our top 10 favourite things about camping in winter. 

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No Crowds

With school holidays and constant sunshine, bagging that perfect camping spot can be a bit challenging in summertime. Just imagine all of those campgrounds with strict ballot systems or online booking platforms that are sold out months ahead during peak season... 

But when the cold rolls in, the hordes roll out. 
If you’re going camping to escape the busy bustle of city living, winter is the time to do it! 

You can expect clearer campgrounds with first dibs on the most coveted spot, as well as basically unlimited access to the communal BBQs and bathrooms. Yep, one of the best things about camping in the cold is that you’re very likely to have the whole place to yourself! And it is total heaven. 

Of course, this advantage depends on where you go camping -  Campers in the southern half of Australia will probably benefit most!

Cheap Camping Deals

With the exception of school holidays or long weekends, winter camping is usually off-peak. This is great news for your wallet if you plan to stay in one of the many established campgrounds, which usually have lower rates this time of year.

The cost of hiring an RV also falls in the colder season - You can nab a weekend getaway for only a couple hundred dollars with the off-peak hiring rates on Camplify. Our cheaper winter rates could save you up to 20%! 

The Serenity Of Nature

With fewer crowds comes more tranquillity. Taking out an RV in the winter allows you to experience camping spots in a new light (quite literally). 

When it comes to feeling calm and serene, it’s hard to beat the peaceful silence of the outdoors in the colder months. Time seems to slow down as you step out into the crisp chill and listen to the soft sounds of surrounding nature… And this is especially true if you’re snow camping - Snowflakes are shaped to soak up sound waves, so things seem quieter when they fall. Now there’s a fun fact to tell around the campfire!

Getting Toasty By The Campfire

Nothing says camping quite like a big, roaring fire - Especially when you’ve brought some tasty s’mores supplies

During the summer months, it’s hard to find a camping spot without campfire restrictions. The good news? There's usually a much lower risk of bushfires and danger to wildfire in the winter season, which means more campfire opportunities! But before you start roasting those marshmallows, make sure to check out the campfire rules and etiquette for wherever you’re camping.

Once you’ve got the all-clear, ignite your fire to create a heart (and body) warming winter wonderland. There’s something magical about an open campfire under the stars, and even more so when it’s a little crisp outside. So, grab a blanket and get snuggled up by the glowing flames for an evening of sing-alongs, storytelling and sweet treats.

Winter Camping Recipes With Food That Stays Fresh

Campfires mean great cooking opportunities and cold air means less spoilage, so now’s the time to spice things up on the food front. Use this opportunity to experiment with camping meals that would be impossible, or at least very unappetizing, in warmer seasons. 

No more waiting for the communal BBQ to free up - Cook up a hearty feast right beside your RV as you sip on an ice cold beer. Because stubby holders only go so far in the sweltering heat. And to top it off, you can keep the kids happy with steamy hot chocolates.

Just in case you’re worried that all of this comfort food will take its toll, we’ve got your excuse covered. Eating produces heat to warm your body when it’s cold out, so it’s important to fuel up if you’re camping in the winter!

Less Mozzies, More Roos! 

Summer campers tend to spend a lot of time swatting at flies, hastily closing doors so mozzies don’t get inside, and keeping a terrified eye out for slithery threats. In the colder months, you can relax knowing that those irritating bugs and reptiles are far less active, having retired for a long winter slumber.

Mosquitoes can’t cope with the chill, so you needn't worry about itchy bites, high pitched hums, or pungent repellent. Snakes are also in a state of semi-dormancy, so you can explore some backcountry without the dread of coming across one of these nasty little guys.

Wintertime offers a better chance to spot larger animals, which can seem scarce when the crowds of peak season encroach. Keep watch for roos, koalas and wombats! For those camping along the NSW coastline, you might even see the whale migration from one of the many fantastic vantage points.

An Excuse To Buy Some Winter Camping Gear

Beautiful winter scenes are begging to be explored, but things turn from wonderful to woeful pretty quickly when you start to freeze. While you’ll stay warm and snug in your RV, it’s important to bring some quality winter camping gear that will do the job for your outdoor adventures. 

Don’t forget to pack clothes that will keep you content and comfy, no matter the temperature. Our top tip is to stick with the three layer rule: a soft, tight base layer to retain body warmth, an insulating mid-layer to trap heat, and an outer layer to protect against rain, wind and snow.

And when it comes to camping gadgets, winter is their time to shine! Check out some of the best winter camping inventions right here.

Don’t have the right thermal gear and gadgets? Now you have a legit opportunity to treat yourself!  

That Starry Night Sky

The sun sets a lot earlier in the winter season. Luckily, longer nights mean bonus time for gazing at the star-speckled sky. Yes, you can look up at the winter sky from anywhere but the lack of light pollution above national park campgrounds makes the shining stars above even brighter. 

Grab a blanket and lie down with family and friends to while away the evening beneath the breath-taking constellations. First one to spot a shooting star wins!

Camping In The Cold Can Heat Up The Romance

Cuddles galore! With winter camping, there’ll be no sweaty, sticky nights that make you want to avoid all human contact. Rather, there’s something so charming about being cosied up to the sounds of blustery winds or pouring rain. Add a glass of red wine and it’s even better.

So snuggle up with your loved one and make the most of your evening in. Just don’t forget to turn on your motorhome, campervan or camper trailer heater.

Bragging Rights!

If you’ve braved a winter camping trip, you deserve to impress your mates with tales of your toughness and grit. Bragging points may include:

  • Mastering the campfire
  • Building a snow fridge
  • Perfecting your marshmallow roasting technique
  • Battling the storm with your awesome new winter camping gear
A weekend getaway could be only a couple hundred dollars with the low off-peak rates on Camplify. You could get more than 20% off peak season hiring rates by booking an RV in winter! Check out some of our amazing RVs available over winter!

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