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10 Hilariously Subtle Ways You Can Convince Your Partner to Take You on a Camping Holiday

Saturday 12th December 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy

Itching for a camping holiday but your partner couldn’t be less keen? Here’s 10 subtle hints that might help persuade them!


1. Remove all food from the kitchen cupboard and replace it with marshmallows and bacon.

Because what else do you need?

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2. Before your partner goes to sleep every night, open the windows to let in the cool breeze and play “Cicada Sleep Sounds” on your phone, holding it up to their ear.

They will drift off into a peaceful slumber with a serene smile on their face. 




3. Turn off the hot water when they’re taking a shower, giving them a cool, refreshing cleanse, just as nature intended.

This will make them think of waterfalls in a national park.

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4. Delete all photos of the kids (or pets) on their phone and replace them with images of the beach and the rainforest.

Trust me, your partner would much rather see tranquil scenery every time they pick up their phone than selfies the kids ‘accidentally’ took.


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5. Subscribe to every camping magazine ever published, in their name (with their credit card).

Bombarding them with stacks upon stacks of camping-related reading material is sure to spark their imagination.

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6. Promise the kids you’ll take them on a camping holiday.

They’ll do the rest.


7. Tell your partner to wear their best outfit, you’re taking them someplace special for their birthday, then surprise them with the best gift ever: a day at the camping expo! Hooray!

This is where it all begins! A fun filled outing that is sure to make your partner want to pack up and leave the next day.


8. Buy your dog a new kennel… in the shape of a caravan.



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9. Replace your partner’s body wash with insect repellant, or their conditioner with sunscreen.

These clever tricks will stimulate their olfactory senses and evoke nostalgia for past summer camping holidays, plus they’ll thank you for protecting their skin!



10. Every morning, wake up at dawn and cook their breakfast on a campfire in the backyard.

Always check first if there’s a fire ban. You’ll also need to buy supplies since you’ve thrown out all the food and replaced it with marshmallows and bacon. Probably don’t cook bircher muesli on the campfire.


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Try a few of these simple, subtle hints today and we’re sure your partner will be begging you to take a camping holiday!

P.S. Oh, and #11 is to share this post with your partner… They should get the hint then!

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