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10 Celebrity RVs We’d Love to List for Hire on Camplify!

Wednesday 2nd December 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Celebrities love their RVs, caravans and motorhomes. For some of them they are homes away from home while on tour, or while working on movie sets, but for others they are purely for recreational use. It seems many celebrities like going on holiday in a caravan or RV just like the rest of us. Here are our top 10 celebrity RVs that we would love to list here on Camplify.

Robert De Niro

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He is one of the world’s most famous movie actors, and he has often appeared in motorhomes and RVs in his movies. His personal RV is what we want though – it is three stories high, has 11 televisions, and has enough space for 30 people.

Brad Pitt

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In the movie Snatch, Brad Pitt’s character lived in a ramshackle caravan that is nothing like the RVs and motorhomes that he uses in real-life. On movie sets he has a motorhome that is bigger than most apartments, plus he owns a customised Airstream 345.

Mark Webber

Formula 1 drivers lead very different lifestyles to most people, so it is not surprising that their motorhomes are very different too. The Red Bull motorhome that Mark Webber used is actually more like a modular building, albeit on that they load setup, use, dismantle, and transport to the next location all within the space of week. This is Webber jumping into the pool on the roof of the motorhome when celebrating his win at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Matthew McConaughey

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Like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey owns a custom-built Airstream RV. He regularly uses it to holiday in places like Malibu. It sleeps four people.

Barack Obama

The RV used for the president of the United States features all the comforts and luxuries that you would expect in a vehicle used by one of the most powerful men in the world. It also comes with something extra though – heavily armed security.

Vin Diesel

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The star of the Fast and the Furious movie loves everything on wheels, and that includes motorhomes. His is two stories high and has slide out walls. It is believed to be worth over $1 million, and needs a truck to tow it.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton loves to do everything on a big scale, and that includes her RV. She regularly travels with her husband, and calls it her “gypsy wagon”.

Jeff Daniels

When you are thinking about celebrities and RVs Jeff Daniels is a name that you cannot ignore. After all he starred in a movie called RV with the late Robin Williams. Luckily for this list he is also passionate about RVs in his personal life. This is mostly because he is also a musician as well as an actor, and uses his RV when he goes on tour. That’s what he is doing in the image above.

Colin Farrell

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Colin Farrell is another big name actor who likes to stay in an Airstream RV, although he often uses it on the sets of the movies he is working on. It is a Classic Airstream with luxuries like a queen size bed and full size bathroom.

Pamela Anderson

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Finally we have the actress Pamela Anderson’s RV. She had it converted with some very specific modifications. This includes a luxurious white interior, a vibrating bed, and a stripper pole.

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