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10 Camping Foods That Actually Taste Better a Bit Burnt

Sunday 20th December 2015
By Dave Eddy
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By Dave Eddy
Prepare to salivate at these campfire food fails which we think look great anyway!





1. ANYTHING with cheese in it

Mac & cheese, jaffles, nachos, pizza – you name it, it will totally make the dish if the cheese is overcooked to the point of being a chewy, blackened, delicious mess. When the cheese inevitably glues itself to the cooking receptacle, don’t you dare wash it! That dairy cement is to be scraped off and chewed like jerky. Nothing could make you feel more like a hardcore camper.

2. Snags 

Sausages are something you just can’t get wrong. Chomp through that thin layer of charcoal on the outside to the juicy (indiscriminate meat) filling and try not to drool at the combination. If you’ve really really burnt your snag, just soldier on and slap half a bottle of tomato sauce on it. It’s what the ANZACs would’ve done.

3. Corn on the cob

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How charred is too charred? This is an entirely personal question and may only be answered by the holder of the tongs. Nothing says arriba! like smearing a fresh cob with butter and some kind of hole-in-your-tongue hot sauce, then rolling it over the flames until each kernel is blackened, sealing in those juices so that when you bite into it everyone around you gets hot sauce in their eye. Delicious!

4. Lamb kebabs

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Real campfire kebabs don’t need your fancy vegetables. There’s only just enough room on these skewers for a slice of onion between each chunk of meat (if you have to). Burnt on the outside and rare on the inside is just the way to treat these bad boys, don’t let any TV celebrity chef tell you different. Note: fruit kebabs taste equally amazing burnt.

5. Campfire potatoes

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The original purpose of cooking campfire potatoes wrapped in foil was so they didn’t burn. Astute campfire cooks have since realised that it is possible to ‘crispify’ your cocooned spuds and the verdict is: 100% yum! There’s no way you can ruin these; either you give them a few crispy black bubbles of added flavour, or you manage to completely dehydrate them and you’ve made crunchy potato crisps. It’s win win!

6. Bacon

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There is literally no way you can ruin bacon. Canadians have tested the boundaries, but even they have failed. Fire away!

7. Damper

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This super easy, super tasty campfire bread goes with anything and simply is not complete without a rock hard base that must be ceremoniously cracked open with the firewood axe by the alpha male or female: “I now declare this damper, OPEN”. Once severed, raise the doughy slab to your face and take a good wiff – heavenly. Alternatively, you could burn the damper on all sides and use it as a football, just don’t try and handball it or you’re likely to break a thumb.

8. Sticky pork ribs

This one’s a no brainer. In order to BBQ the perfect spare ribs, they must have a fine layer of charcoal to coat that gooey, sticky sauce, creating the perfect sweet, smokey flavour. Tear chunks off the bone while it’s nice and hot, then chew and swallow before your teeth get stuck together. Even if they do, it was totally worth it.

9. Capsicum

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There’s a reason chargrilled capsicum is a staple in every antipasto platter. It doesn’t get much better than peeling off the bubbly, charred skin with your tongue and devouring the juicy, sweet flesh underneath (sounds weird, don’t care, is delicious). Whether grilled on its own or chopped up and stabbed onto a skewer, do as you will with this feisty red pepper, it loves it hot.

10. Marshmallows (duh)

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The original burnt campfire food, this humble sweet treat has paved the way for burnt campfire delicacies the world over. Whether yankee style in a s’more, awesome style wrapped in bacon, or the classic ‘forked twig double’ style, the one rule of the campfire marshmallow is that it must be fully alight before being blown out and devoured immediately. If there were a second rule, it would be that one is never enough.


  1. Toast
  2. Eggs
  3. Baked beans
  4. Chicken wings
  5. Fish
  6. Pancakes
Happy grub burning Campers!

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